Moving from NYC to Bethesda, MD – how to adjust to a smaller city

If you are moving from NYC to Bethesda this year, we can show you how to do it easily and how to adjust to a different kind of life. Moving from a large city like New York City to a smaller place will take some getting used to if you have been accustomed to the big city’s scale. On the other hand, life in a less populous city may also be interesting and beneficial. Your life is going to be turned upside down, but you should be aware that there are a lot of upsides to relocating to a smaller city. There won’t be any crazy traffic that you’ll have to try to navigate through. The air quality will be improved. At night, you will have a clear view of the sky and all of the stars. Does that sound like a good idea? But the best perk is yet to come. Keep reading! Continue reading “Moving from NYC to Bethesda, MD – how to adjust to a smaller city”

Moving from NYC to Chicago: expectations vs reality

Moving from NYC to Chicago will surely be a great adventure. It will also be a bit hectic until everything is done and you are all settled in. Of course, you will need some adaptation period. Those two cities are very different. There are some perks and downsides to both. You will need to give yourself some time to adjust and adapt to new surroundings and we will show you how. We will also be showing you what to expect once you arrive and adjust. So, we can begin now from those who can help you with this process to the very ending of this adventure. Continue reading “Moving from NYC to Chicago: expectations vs reality”