How to store glassware long term

Finding a reputable storage facility is the first step in long-term glass storage, especially if you have precious pieces that require extra care. Start by looking for nearby climate-controlled storage. You will get a sense of the costs and availability from this. There are some items you don’t need to bring to your new house. Therefore, you need to organize and clean your belongings. As you may know, incorrect glass surface cleaning or improper storage can cause damage to the piece of glass. So, knowing how to store your glassware correctly will be more than helpful.

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Top Miami neighborhoods for NYC musicians

Being a musician who lives in New York City makes you believe that there is no other place where you can find yourself like that. But that is not completely true. Even though NYC is the most wanted city that never sleeps and is for everything, there are other cities like that. For instance, choosing Miami to live there after New York is a good idea. Especially when you do music. But there are many things to consider for this relocation. First of all, you need to find storage tips for art pieces, and a good moving company. But of course, that’s not everything. You will also need to discover Miami neighborhoods for NYC musicians. Choosing a good place to live according to your occupation is very important. So, choose wisely.

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How to Disassemble a Pool Table

When relocating, one of the toughest tasks is packing your belongings and then transferring them to your new home. The packing process needs to be handled efficiently and carefully. If you pack strategically, you will not only ensure that everything will be moved with ease but you will also simplify the overall unpacking process. On the other hand, larger items might require you to put them apart for easier transfer. For example, if you dismantle a pool table properly, it will be a lot easier to move it out of your home. Continue reading as we’ll share some of our tips on how to disassemble a pool table. Continue reading “How to Disassemble a Pool Table”

3 checklists to follow during corporate relocation

An organized, thorough, and carefully created plan is the key to a successful corporate move. Without a comprehensive plan, your business move can instantly transform into chaos where you’ll end p losing time and money. But, with these 3 checklists to follow during corporate relocation you can ensure a smooth and stress-free move. Continue reading “3 checklists to follow during corporate relocation”

Packing mistakes to avoid when moving across Brooklyn

We all know that moving and relocating to your new home can be a stressful process. Moving all your belongings and possessions from one place to another is a big project that requires thorough planning. But, don’t worry! There are certain things to keep in mind so you can enjoy and have a nice experience after all. To help you have a quick and pleasant move to your new home, we have created a list of packing mistakes to avoid when moving across Brooklyn.

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Explore Lefferts Gardens, NY

Welcome to Lefferts Gardens, a residential neighborhood in New York, Upper West Side of Brooklyn. This was originally the property of famous gentlemen farmer James Lefferts and in the 19th century, this area became the go-to place for the wealthy. Thanks to that fact, now you have amazingly beautiful homes with that 19th and 20th-century look. Now this place is a magnet for families that are in love with porches and backyard gardens. Continue reading “Explore Lefferts Gardens, NY”

Glassware packing guide

Proper packing will protect your precious belongings during the move and ensure their safety. That said, glassware packing is of critical importance. As glass items are very fragile you should pay special attention to the aspect of packing glasses. So let’s see just how to go about packing glassware items for the move.

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Preparing an essentials box for moving

Packing the entire home is never easy. There’s so much to clean, declutter, pack safely, etc. However, while packing your belongings, you also need to think about all the essential items you’ll need on your first night in the new house, and for the next few days. Preparing an essentials box will help you save a lot of time and energy since you won’t have to unpack every single box the minute you move in. For that reason, we’ve made a simple guide on packing the essentials box for moving, so you don’t forget anything you’ll need right after you arrive at your new home. Continue reading “Preparing an essentials box for moving”

Moving from Brooklyn to New Jersey 101

Thinking about to start living in New Jersey? Well, you are about to make a good decision! Keep in mind that you will adapt really fast to this place and you will enjoy living in it. But, before you start living, it is an important thing to organize your relocation. In this case, when you are moving from Brooklyn to New Jersey, everything should be under control. To achieve it, you should be prepared properly and organize things in the right order. So, what are the tips you should know about this type of relocation and how to manage everything? Continue reading “Moving from Brooklyn to New Jersey 101”

How to pack for storage

In the past, storages were used only by big companies. But nowadays, everybody has that privilege. Families use them when moving; Students use them for storing things that can not fit into their dorms; People living in small apartments use them for storing the things they can not get rid of. Storages facilities have many uses and they are extremely helpful. However, before you rent one, you must know how to pack for storage, and what can you store in there. But do not worry, it is not complicated, as long as you follow some rules. Keep on reading if you want to know how to pack for storage. Continue reading “How to pack for storage”