Post-move-in deep cleaning checklist

You have just completed your DIY move. However, the work is not finished yet. Your new house has been lived in. And to get the feel of the other people that were living there you need to clean it. To help you get all the stains and gunk out, we have a post-move-in deep cleaning checklist. Let’s begin. Continue reading “Post-move-in deep cleaning checklist”

How to brighten up a room when trying to sell a house

When trying to sell a house it’s important to make it look nice. No one wants to buy a house that looks bad. The homier it looks the bigger the chances are to sell it quickly. Realtors even use tricks like baking cookies for smell in order to attract potential buyers. Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and remodel the place just for this, but there are some easy and cheap things you can do to help the process of selling your place. We offer you a few tips on how to brighten a room when trying to sell a house. Continue reading “How to brighten up a room when trying to sell a house”