Top reasons why senior New Yorkers buy second houses in Virginia

Living and working in New York City can become very exhausting. At some point, you will feel overwhelmed and you wouldn’t want to spend your senior days feeling like that. One of the reasons why senior New Yorkers buy second houses in Virginia is exactly this one. Being a senior means that you will be able to do whatever you want to. There is enough time and financial resources for it. And for a good reason, most retirees like to spend that time in peace and some different places. So Virginia is one of the places where you can find a quiet life.

One of the main reasons why senior New Yorkers buy second houses in Virginia is because of the healthcare options

You don’t need to be very old or feel sick to think about the healthcare system. It will just make you feel safer and more secure when you know that in case of some emergencies, there are well-educated doctors with good equipment to take care of you. Knowing that the healthcare system is very poor and short-staffed will only make you worried even more. As a senior, you won’t be flexible to travel places just to see a doctor. And you shouldn’t. So having a nearby hospital that is highly rated definitely sounds comforting.
When it comes to New York City, there are many hospitals, both private and public. But you need to consider that there are more people there than in the entire Virginia. So you definitely won’t have that kind of service and attention like in Virginia. Also, Virginia has one of the best hospitals and doctors in the United States. As a senior, this should be important to you, no matter how healthy you are.  Nevertheless, if you decide to buy your second home in Virginia, you’ll need to actually get that. Relocations aren’t simple, and when you are a senior, they are even more difficult. But, there’s no need to go through it alone! Experienced pros can simplify the process for you, and get your belongings delivered to the second location before you know it!
Senior driving in a taxi in NYC.
Don’t worry about leaving NYC, it is not the end of the world.

The advantage that seniors love is the taxes

It is needless to say that no one likes to put aside a huge amount of money towards taxes. And living in Virginia you won’t have to. This state is considered one of the best ones when it comes to that. You should know that sale taxes are very low. And at the same time, the property taxes are modest.
On top of lower taxes, there are also plenty of other benefits when it comes to seniors living in Virginia. So it will definitely be worth it. Don’t worry about leaving Brooklyn, it is not the end of the world.

Senior New Yorkers buy second houses in Virginia because of the nature

Living in a big city that is well-developed is amazing. Especially for young generations that are trying to advance in their careers. But, it is not the same for seniors. As you are getting older you realize how much traffic and concrete can actually disturb you. And there is no reason to spend your free days being annoyed. To prevent that and to give themselves more opportunities, New Yorker seniors buy second homes in Virginia. If you didn’t know so far, now you will. But, Virginia is a state that can offer you plenty of nature and various outdoor activities.
It is very important to do outdoor activities and breathe in fresh air on a daily basis. Especially when you are elder. In New York, you didn’t have a chance for that. But now, you do. You will be able to buy a house that is somewhere in the woods or by a lake. And this is how you will get your peace. Even though this purchase is big, it will be worth it. You need this, especially after many years that you spent only working and living a fast life.
Sign saying welcome to Virginia.
One of the reasons why senior New Yorkers buy second houses in Virginia is the nature and its beauty.

Living in a safe state is also important for elders

When you get older, you realize how much it is important to follow the crime rate and the safety of the place where you live. And even though New York City is amazing, it is definitely not the safest place to live in. Especially not as a senior. One of the reasons why senior New Yorkers buy second houses in Virginia is exactly this one. Safety and a very low crime rate. You will be able to go for a walk without worrying if anyone is going to rob you or even hurt you. And that is something you really need to consider and take as an option. Remember that you need to try to save money while moving, so you should hurry up with the decision.

Some of the reasons why senior New Yorkers buy second houses in Virginia could be more personal

Preferences and interests are very different among elder and younger generations. While young people seek nightlife, seniors are more into the culture. Living in a state that has a rich history and many museums and other institutes where you can learn more about it is something that they admire and like. And of course, it is understandable. Since Virginia is a state with rich history and there are plenty of things to learn and see, you won’t make a mistake in choosing it.
Senior exploring nature as it is one of the reasons why senior New Yorkers buy second houses in Virginia.
Get ready to explore Virginia’s wonders.

If these reasons were enough, there is one more thing left to do

Now that you know some of the main reasons why senior New Yorkers buy second houses in Virginia, you only have to do one more thing. If you agreed with these reasons, it is time to start looking for a secondary home. There are many options and it will be difficult to decide, that is for sure. So, to choose the best options start from the beginning. First choose the exact city, then the neighborhood. And after it will be easier to find a perfect home according to your liking.

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