How to properly store canned goods

If you are about to rent your first storage unit, it is important to know how to organize it properly. This means that no matter what type of belongings you are planning to put inside a storage unit, properly storing is a crucial thing. In this case, we will talk about how to properly store canned goods. It means that we are talking about food that you need to properly store inside a facility. To achieve it, using the following tips and tricks will definitely make the process easier for you.

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Top rated moving and storage companies in NYC

Some things in life you can’t do alone. Some aren’t pretty enough if they don’t share, some aren’t exciting enough if you don’t have someone around you, and some are too heavy if you don’t have another pair of hands to help you. Moving is one of those big steps in life that you want to share with someone, whether you share the joy of all the responsibilities that moving involves. Relocation can be especially challenging if you organize it in a big city like New York. In those cases, every mistake can cost you dearly. Trustworthy moving and storage companies in NYC can help you a lot and make it easier, you just have to find them first. No matter how easy this task may sound and look to you, finding a good moving company can be a serious obstacle. Continue reading “Top rated moving and storage companies in NYC”

Tips for finding storage for art pieces

Are you keeping your art pieces in your home, but you simply do not have enough space? Well, it is time to rent your first storage unit! In other words, we will present to you tips for finding storage for art pieces. By knowing the tips, you can be sure that you will find a suitable option. It will help you to keep your art pieces safe and secure as long as there is a need. Remember that keeping these pieces secured is a necessary thing and that it is important to know how to do it properly. Continue reading “Tips for finding storage for art pieces”

Risks of opting for a cheap storage 

When every you are cleaning your home or moving, you need a reliable storage unit. It can save you space in your home, and the most crucial usage is to protect your stuff. However, many people like to save money on storage units. Saving money on a storage unit is a bad idea. We are here to explain the risks of opting for a cheap storage. 

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Bedroom remodeling ideas

Decorating and choosing a design for your new place isn`t so easy as it might seem in the first place. Bedroom remodeling ideas don`t just come overnight, so you should consider talking to an agency that can send you an expert. We understand this is not always easy, because they tend to be overpriced sometimes. Continue reading “Bedroom remodeling ideas”

Bike storage ideas for apartments and small homes

Living in a small home is quite common. Especially in big cities where housing is expensive and not so easy to find. This is the case in New York City. And one of the things that are the hardest to store in a small home is a bike. they are big and heavy and they do take up a lot of space at home. This is why a lot of people don’t keep their bikes in their homes. But not everyone wants to keep their bike somewhere besides at home. People who use them every day need to have them on hand. So we decided to try and help out by giving you bike storage ideas for apartments and small homes. Continue reading “Bike storage ideas for apartments and small homes”

Tips for planning an RV road trip from New Mexico to New York

Are you planning an RV road trip from New Mexico to New York? Great! Are you going on a trip with your family? Even better. There are a lot of family-friendly cities in New York that you will most likely enjoy. However, before you go on your journey, there are some tips you need to keep in mind. They serve the purpose of not losing your mind while on the trip. So, let’s see what these tips are.

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How to prepare your clothes for a long term storage

The need to store your clothes may come from a bunch of reasons. Whether you’ve outgrown in, gained some weight, or you want to preserve some valuable memories, like a wedding dress, baby clothing, or basically anything you don’t have a need for at the moment, renting a storage space might be just the thing for you. In order to properly prepare your clothes for a long term storage, you will have to pay attention to few things.

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Practical ways for organizing your kitchen

If you have finally finished the process of moving into a new home, congratulations on that! No matter if you have moved into an NYC duplex or into a house in some other place, the relocation process is not over. Doing the unpacking and making a schedule in your new home is also part of the moving process. Speaking about organizing your belongings, you should know that there are practical ways for organizing your kitchen!  By following these ways, you will give your kitchen a totally new look and make it functional. In this way, you will be able to be focused on other rooms, once you finish the kitchen. Continue reading “Practical ways for organizing your kitchen”

How to choose the best climate-controlled storage provider

Moving to a new home can be very exhausting. The whole process requires good organization and planning in advance every step. Moreover, there are moving services that you need. However, finding the right company is never an easy thing and usually takes some time, unless you are very lucky. In case you are searching for a climate-controlled storage provider for your belongings, you are in a right place. Just read our article, and you will know exactly what steps to take when storage services are in question. Continue reading “How to choose the best climate-controlled storage provider”