5 places in Florida every New Yorker loves visiting in spring

New Yorkers love Florida and they often go there for vacations and retirement. You will see many NYC families moving there for conveniences like prices, taxes, and the rest. We are not here to talk about that. We are here to show you some of the best places in Florida every New Yorker loves visiting. You should visit them as well if you are going or moving there this spring. It was very hard to pick just five but we managed. Before we start you should know that there is no particular order. They are sorted randomly and try to visit all of them if possible. You will have lots of fun.

One of the best places in Florida for families and kids

We had to start from here. Florida’s Disneyland is so amazing and it’s great for people of all ages. We are not saying this is the cheapest place to have fun (you will need $110 to $160 per day) but this is something you have to visit. Surely you have already heard all about amazing shows here. Many people claim that Florida’s Disneyland is the best one in the world. But this is all common knowledge so we won’t talk about it too much. Let’s focus our attention on another place that is perfect if you have little ones – Peppa World. Who doesn’t like Peppa Pig? Slowly but surely this is becoming one of the most popular cartoons so why not bring your little ones to this theme park? It’s close to Legoland as well. As you can see, there is so much to visit here this spring with your family. You don’t even have to choose, you can visit them all. Orlando can be the best place to buy a second home. You will be near all the fun.

Peppa pig souvenir
Do we have any Peppa fans in the house?

Our personal favorite – Sunny Isles Beach

If you are looking for a place to escape and relax, this city can offer you one of the most beautiful beaches to do so. With its beautiful sand and two miles in length, this beach is the ideal place to unwind. Take advantage of snorkeling and other outdoor pursuits near the historic fishing pier. Intended for the enjoyment of all ages, including but not limited to children, young families, and their friends. Sunny Isles Beach is appealing because of its proximity to a wide variety of attractions and activities, including museums, shops, tennis, boating, diving and so much more. But this place is so much more than just a tourist destination. It can be a great place to live, work and even raise your kids. Many New Yorkers have moved here over the years. If you decide to do so you can always count on experts to make that process easier for you.

Now, something for millennials

We all know one soft spot all millennials have. It’s Harry Potter of course. So why not visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida? You will need about $100- $150 per person daily but it’s worth it. Your childhood dreams will come true as soon as you step in there. The Harry Potter theme park is definitely worth the money. The rides are amazing and entertaining, and the ambiance in every corner like in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley is mystical and engrossing. It’s fantastic for every millennial and your muggle heart will explode. You might want to find a guide to this theme park before you go because it’s very big and confusing (sort of magical) and you will need some help to navigate. It’s also a good way to prepare yourself in order to explore and see everything this place has to offer. Going back to NYC after this will be hard.

A detail at the Harry Potter theme park, one of the best places in Florida every New Yorker loves visiting.
You dont have to guess where the sorting hat will put you. You can find out in one of the best places in Florida for millennials.

Have you heard about Marathon?

This is surely one of the places in Florida every New Yorker loves visiting. Incredibly cool places may be found all across Marathon. Among these are the peaceful Sombrero Beach, the well-known Seven Miles Bridge, the educational Aquarium Encounters, as well as the historically-rich Marathon Air Museum. Marathon continues to boast that its fishing is among the greatest in the world. Tourists from around the world go to Marathon, known as the “Heart of the Florida Keys,” to take advantage of the fantastic fishing, stunning scenery, balmy climate, and friendly locals. This is another place where you can both visit and relocate to. Living here will have many advantages. For example, you won’t be paying taxes as you do in NYC. You will also be able to afford a nice (and big) home. Also, the crime rates are much lower. All in all, this can be a good place to live and even raise your kids. If you decide to make such a step you should work with specialists in the area to make the transition as easy as possible. Relocations are never easy, but there are ways to simplify them.

Fishing in Florida
Fishing enthusiasts will love this place. Make sure to check it out.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island is a popular vacation spot because of its proximity to Jacksonville (approximately 30 miles), its historical appeal, and its thirteen miles of empty beaches. This place is perfect for nature lovers and ones who are looking for a peaceful vacation.  Take a stroll through Old Town Fernandina Beach. This is a place where modern shrimp farming got its start and pirates once roamed. Can you imagine it? Pirates? How cool is that? For romantic dates, you can go horseback riding by the water.

You can also go for a round of golf at one of the island’s prestigious courses. This is one of the island’s most popular and soothing pastimes. As you can see there are many places in Florida every New Yorker loves visiting in spring. We made sure that we have on this list something for all ages. Now it’s up to you to decide what suits you the best. Good luck and have fun exploring!

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