Best places to retire in Virginia according to New Yorkers

Virginia today seems to be a mecca for retirees. Many New Yorkers are fleeing the big city in search of calmer and more peaceful surroundings for retirement. Here is where Virginia comes into focus. The state is beautiful, peaceful, and safe. At the same time it is well positioned and in close proximity to NYC should you miss the rush of the Big Apple. It is clear that it is a state that can provide the best of both worlds for former New Yorkers in their senior years. With that in mind, you should consider moving here for retirement. So, here is a recommendation on the best places to retire in Virginia.

Why Virginia?

You can go wrong when choosing Virginia as your place of retirement. The state is full of history and heritage. It is a place of beautiful nature and scenery. Virginia is a perfect place for outdoor activities and an active retirement if that is your lifestyle. As such it is a promising state that offers a lot. It is quite safe as crime rates are well below average. In addition, when you take some of the popular tax benefits and exemptions this state seems perfect for seniors.

Small town Virginia one of the Best places to retire in Virginia
Plenty of locations here are perfect for seniors – so many places to retire in Virginia.

If you already have it in mind for retirement make a choice between these best places to retire in Virginia for your new home.

  • Falls Church
  • Ashburn
  • Martinsville
  • Bedford
  • Sterling
  • Woodstock

Falls Church

Falls Church offers plenty of great conditions to retire. This is an urban town with a great feel that attracts people from bigger cities. You won’t miss the NYC lifestyle when you retire in falls Church. There is plenty to do and many retirement communities to join. This is a place that is in contact with nature and offers plenty of outdoor activities to its residents. With plenty of great golf courses, this is a great place to retire in Virginia.


Ashburn is one of the more popular places. It is not only a place for retirement. Many residents work in DC and commute regularly. It is part of the Dulles Technology Corridor and a perfect place for professionals working nearby. However, Ashburn is also a great place to retire. There are plenty of activities and amenities for seniors here. From concerts to bingo you can choose to do whatever you might enjoy. If you consider moving here for retirement you can freely rely on Ashburn-based specialists to handle your relocation. With plenty of experience and knowledge, they can accommodate all of your senior moving needs and help you out with your relocation and settling in.

NASCAR circuit
The NASCAR track is one of many attractions in Martinsville


Martinsville is also a place that is great for outdoor activities and relaxation. Although this place is known for its NASCAR and Martinsville speedway this is also a great place to get in touch with nature. Surrounded by beautiful lakes and maintains this is a place that offers a lot of fun all year round. As The place offers some of the greatest natural sceneries and great views of the Blue Ridge Mountains which are in the vicinity. If you are planning your retirement in Virginia then Martinsville just might be the best place you can choose.


With a population of only 6000 people, Bedford is one of the calmest and quietest places on this list. This is a place for nature lovers as it offers 21000 acres of national forest that surrounds the town. you can enjoy hikes through the forest and along the Appalachian mountains. There are plenty of wineries in the area so you can enjoy a glass of wine or you can spend a day at Smith Mountain Lake. These are just some of the activities you can enjoy once you move to Bedford.


Sterling is a place that offers an active lifestyle to its residents. It is close to Washington which makes it perfect for professionals commuting. However, with some of the most beautiful nature and views and a relaxed pace, it is also a great place to retire. It is a very walkable place with beautiful homes on tree-lined streets. you can do a lot here. From enjoying one of many parks to enjoying one of many fitness, recreational and educational activities. With various programs and social activities, Sterling is a place that you will enjoy during your senior years. You can easily make your choice between golfing, boating, or hiking. For a more relaxed feel, you can indulge in the local cuisine in one of the great local restaurants in town.

If you decide that Sterling is for you you can make your move a simple and easy process. You should know that experts can jump in to take make the process of moving into Sterling easy and fast. You will be able to settle in in no time and start enjoying your retirement.


Although Woodstock is a small place of only 5000 residents you won’t be bored here. This is a place well connected to nature offering some peace, quiet, and relaxation much needed in your senior years.  However, it is also a place of outdoor fun and adventure if you are searching for a more active lifestyle. You can take on some of the local golf courses or even kayaking, skiing, tubing, bicycling, and fishing if you are up for it. Besides the beauty of nature and the views of the Appalachian Mountains, you can also enjoy the history and heritage of the village in Shenandoah County. Or you can enjoy visits to the museums and galleries in town. At the same time if you are up for some socializing there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to enjoy. This is one of the places that are great for purchasing real-estate and setting up your second home.

A house in the woods
There is some great real estate for purchase in Virginia

To wrap up!

Virginia is a place to be today. if you want a quiet and peaceful place with lots of beautiful nature then it’s a place for you. Just check out and choose among some of the best places to retire in Virginia. You will surely be able to find just the right place to cater to your every need and desire.


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