How to store glassware long term

Finding a reputable storage facility is the first step in long-term glass storage, especially if you have precious pieces that require extra care. Start by looking for nearby climate-controlled storage. You will get a sense of the costs and availability from this. There are some items you don’t need to bring to your new house. Therefore, you need to organize and clean your belongings. As you may know, incorrect glass surface cleaning or improper storage can cause damage to the piece of glass. So, knowing how to store your glassware correctly will be more than helpful.

Know how to store your glassware correctly

You will have to pay for storage, so you should really think about this thoroughly. You must first count the number of items you have. Following that, you will pick what to keep and what to eliminate. Your inventory can be reduced, which will allow you to pack lighter and spend less. Here is an example of how your glassware storage procedure will look

  • Gather your items
  • Thoroughly clean them
  • Arrange the boxes and start wrapping the glass with care

It sounds easy but you will need to prepare for this. Having the right packing supplies is very important in this case. The only thing that will protect your glassware will be bubble wrap, paper, and other packing supplies you will buy.

Gather your items before packing

You will need to gather all of your belongings at the same place. This will give you an idea of how much space you will need from a storage unit. Please remember that you cannot store anything that is unclean or wet. When you take them out of long-term storage if they are moist, they will be moldy. Additionally, using filthy glassware is not an option. To avoid all of that, wash, clean, and dry each glassware item before you start packaging. You can look more into storage units and some pros and cons of renting in Brookly as they are drying themselves off. Use the paper that collects extra moisture to wrap your glassware.

Making a list and gathering all of your items.
Make a list of items you want to store and gather them!

Start packing your glassware in boxes

Before you start packing be sure to know why so many families are leaving Brooklyn and if you should too. Glass barriers must be put together properly. Every box will need a thick layer of bubble wrap. The glass pieces will be protected and kept from moving. Strengthen the box’s bottom and sides with packing tape. Extremely fragile goods, such as wine glasses, need to have cardboard cutouts to protect them from breaking. You can put tumblers and mugs inside of each other. When the box is full, add bubble wrap to any remaining spaces. This will stop the box from moving. Don’t overfill the boxes because doing so could cause the objects to break.

Bubble wrap for packing that you will use to protect your glassware.
Bubble wrap will be your best friend when storing your glassware.

Take your time while figuring out how to store your glassware

The task of keeping all of your glassware safes is not as difficult as it may appear. Everything will be ok and your glassware will be secure as long as you put in a little more work and use a lot of bubble wrap. There won’t be a need for you to worry if you pack everything carefully.

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