4 delightful small towns in rural New York

If you are tired of living in a big city and are on the search for a small town to relocate to, New York is a state to consider. New York is one of the most beautiful states. This is because it has lots of small towns in its rural area. And if you are thinking about relocation, small towns in rural New York are the perfect moving destination for anyone. This article is where you will find all you need to know about four delightful small towns in rural New York.

Newfield is among the most pristine small towns in rural New York

The first on the list is a very lovely small town by the name Newfield. It sits among one of the most beautiful forests not only in New York but in the entire country. There are many reasons to love Newfield. It is a very peaceful place to live in. This is why lots of elderly people are moving to Newfield. And if you decide to move as well, you can always let experts help you and make relocation a breeze.

Newfield rural town.
You will love this small rural town in New York for many reasons.

You will love the vibe of Newfield. It is very relaxed and slow-paced. There are many locally-owned stores and restaurants to  check out making the town a bit more fun.


If you want a fun and beautiful place to live in, Hammondsport is the perfect small town located in rural New York. This is one of the most beautiful places to be during the summer months. A lot of people even refer to it as one of the coolest small towns in the entire country. There are just around 1000 residents in the town but it attracts a lot of tourists. You will love the waterfront restaurants and wineries and the beautiful view over the Keuka Lake. Moving to a rural area is not as bad as one might think it is. There are plenty of things to do even in small towns.

Ellicottville is one of the most beautiful small towns in rural New York

This is one of the smallest towns in the region. It counts just around 400 residents. This tiny town is most known for one of the best ski resorts in the area. A lot of people from all over the country come here during winter which is when the town is the most fun to be in.

What you will also love about Ellicottville is the famous shop of chocolate. It is a very old shop where you can buy some of the most amazing chocolates. If you have children, there is an adventure park in the town as well. It is the perfect place to raise a family in. Buying a country house in Ellicottville is not a bad idea at all.

A cabin in the woods in one of the small towns in rural New York.
There are plenty of beautiful homes in these rural areas.


Lovers of nature will love one of the most beautiful small towns in rural New York РWilmington. If you are a fan of the outdoors, you will love this place with all your heart. It sits north of Lake Placid which means that you can visit one of our highest peaks Whiteface Mountain, The scenery will leave you breathless.

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