6 tips for a stress-free military move from Florida to NYC

People who are in the military generally have to move a lot because during their service they get different duties across the country. And people who have families take families with them. Moving from one state to another with a family is not an easy task, especially when you consider that this is relocating because of work. Relocation can be very stressful even when you have to do it frequently. This is why we have decided as relocation professionals to give you the six tips you need for a stress-free military move from Florida to NYC. These tips will make moving easy to handle and with as little stress as possible.

Start organizing on time

As soon as you get told that you have to move from Florida to NYC is when you should start organizing your relocation process. As it can take a while, it is best to do it as soon as possible. We know that this order can come five months in advance or just two weeks in advance which is why we want to tell you that no matter when you get the order to permanently change stations, you should try to find some time to start planning your relocation. The relocation process is very complex which is why you should dedicate as much time to it as you can so that it goes smoothly. Make sure to:

  • come up with a plan
  • write it down
  • execute it

Generally, these PCS orders come during the summer. This is why summertime is the busiest time of the year for moving companies. But also because moving during the summer is the easiest. If you get the order that you should move between the months of May and August, know that you are moving during the peak of the moving season.

Making a plan.
Make a plan on just how you are going to handle this military move from Florida to NYC.

Hire moving assistance

As soon as you get the relocation order is when you should start searching for a moving company as well. If you want to make moving stress-free you should definitely team up with professionals. But if you are moving during peak moving season, finding movers that are available might be a problem. This is why we say that as soon as you get the order is when you should start planning this whole process.

Luckily, there are plenty of moving companies out there, and finding one that is able to assist is not completely impossible. Especially as there are military-moving specialized companies. Yes, there are moving companies that do military relocations. Some do specifically that and some just have this special service included in their offer.

Find reliable movers

You cannot just hire any movers. You should find movers that are reliable. There are some items you shouldn’t bring with you and they can help you take care of it. If this is your first time moving from one state to another, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask around among your friends, family, and people in the military if they have any suggestions for the moving company.

Box on the floor.
Find a team of people who will safely relocate your belongings.

If you were to ask us, we would say that hiring bigmansmoving.com is the best thing to do. They have lots of different types of services and they are very budget-friendly. They also have certain discounts for people in the military which is why you should consider hiring them for your relocation from Florida to New York City.

Declutter your belongings

You truly do not need everything that you own. We all tend to hold onto unnecessary things. And if you know you will be moving again and again and again, keeping these things that you don’t need will just make relocation more stressful as you will have more things to move than you actually have to move. To prevent this from happening, you should declutter your home before moving.

The best time to declutter your home for your military move from Florida to NYC is when you start to pack. While you are packing, set aside the things you do not need or use. Once you are done packing, you will have the things you need one side and things you don’t need on the other. This is when you have to decide just what you are going to do with these things.

Some people decide to just throw them away. We believe that it is best to donate what you can donate. There is always someone in need out there. You can also sell some things if you need the money yourself. A good way to sell old things is to organize a garage sale. And if you have some things that you do not need but do not want to get rid of, you can rent a storage unit.

Things you don't need.
Get rid of all things you don’t need in your home.

Start packing on time

If you know that you also have to declutter while you pack your home for relocation, just know that you are going to need more time than if you were to just pack. But even if you have decluttered your home and you only need to pack, you have to start packing as soon as possible. You can decide to put some things in storage. Packing can be a long process which is why you have to give yourself enough of it.

Get the right supplies

But not only do you have to start packing on time but you also have to get the right packing supplies. You are going to need a lot of cardboard boxes for packing. But that is not all. You will need plastic bags too. They are good for packing clothing. Make sure to get good quality packing supplies as you will be moving frequently, you are going to need them in your military move from Florida to NYC. By investing in good supplies you are also making your moving process more eco-friendly.

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    I was not looking forward to this move, and I felt pretty stressed out on a moving day, but the movers were great and did all they could to take the anxiety out. I would like to say a special thanks to Steve and his team for a wonderful job!
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