Places you need to visit after moving from Florida to NYC

Relocating is exciting and scary, especially moving from Florida to NYC. You will move to a new environment and will need to adjust. There will be many experiences to encounter, and you will always be busy. Since you are alone, all the new adventures will be scary because you will not have anybody to help you. To assist you with discovering NYC, Moving and Storage Brooklyn will tell you about the places you need to visit after getting there. 

Differences between Florida and New York City 

Before we get into the places, you should check out when you arrive in the Big Apple. Let’s learn how your life will change there.  

  • The first biggest difference will be in the increased cost of living. Your cost of living will increase by 85% by moving from Florida to NYC. You will pay for more groceries, health, utilities, and transportation in New York City. 
  • The real estate market is way more expensive in the Big Apple. The median home cost in Florida is 294,900 and in New York City is 654,300 dollars. The average rent in Florida is around 1,700 dollars, and in NYC – 2,500 dollars. 
  • Even though New York City is more expensive than Florida, you will have much more job opportunities. The most successful entrepreneurs choose to open businesses in the Big Apple, and you will have a chance to get a job there. 
  • The fourth difference between Florida and New York City is the weather. Before reaching the Big Apple, you should invest in a lot more winter clothing.
  • Finally, you will have much more daily activities much close to you and will never be bored in NYC. We will talk about the activities in the Big Apple later on. 

Now that you know what awaits you in the Big Apple, learn how to reach your new home stress-free from Florida. Moving to NYC can be stress-free with the right tips. 

Visit Times Square after moving from Florida to NYC 

The first place to go to after you arrive in the Big Apple in Times Square. Times Square is known to a lot of tourists, so you might think about skipping it altogether. But you will be making a big mistake because Times Square is the core of the city. And it is a great example of what New York City can do. In the past, the area was ridden with crime, but the city turned it around and made it what it is today. The liveliest part of the city with neon lights and advertisements flashing before your eyes. When you get enough of the billboards, go to a bar or restaurant to relax. And if you want to have access to Times Square all the time, look for the best moving companies in NYC to help you relocate. 

Times Square, check it out after moving from Florida to NYC
Seeing the blinding lights of Times Square is a must after moving from Florida to NYC.

Check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

The second location to check out is the MET. New York City has many museums you can visit after you get to know the city. But before you move on to the lesser know places, you have to check out the MET

The museum has a great location on Fifth Avenue near Central Park, where you can walk after you get enough of the galleries. When it comes to exhibits in the MET span back 5,000 years and has over 2 million art pieces. You can not check the full collection in one day, that is why you should relocate to NYC. To help you get there fast, look for professional help. We recommend to assist you with your move to the Big Apple from Florida. If they do not provide all the assistance that you need, you can look into other relocation experts. And do not forget to take photos of your favorite art pieces.

People in a gray building
You will need to visit the MET a couple of times to see the whole selection!

Visit the Statue of Liberty after moving from Florida to NYC 

The third thing to visit after you arrive in NYC is the Statue of Liberty. The biggest statue in the world is around 150 feet and weighs around 400,000 pounds. The best gift any county has ever received. You can get the best view of the statue from the south of Manhattan. But you do not have to look at the statue from a distance. Liberty Island is only a boat ride away. You can walk around the Statue of Liberty, and if you have a reservation, you can go inside. Unfortunately, the crown is off-limits because of safety reasons. 

Statue of Liberty
Visit the most recognizable statue in the world.

Take a stroll in Central Park 

If you are looking for nature in New York City there is no better place than Central Park. The dimensions of the park are 2.5 miles long and half a mile wide. As you can see, there is plenty of space for you to walk or have a bike ride. Besides walking and bike riding, you can rent a boat or kayak on Central Park Lake. You can also visit the zoo, Belvedere Castle and Strawberry Fields. If the park seems too big, you can always get a map or use your phone to navigate around the area. We recommend a picnic basket the first time around and spending the whole day in the park. There are plenty of picnic tables, benches, and lawns where you can eat your food and relax. To make your relocation to the Big Apple from Florida stress-free, remember to avoid moving mistakes

You are ready to explore NYC when you move

These are our essential places you should visit after moving from Florida to NYC. These are the most popular locations that define the city to other people. But to understand what the Big Apple is about, you will need to explore it alone when you get used to the new atmosphere.

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