Charming towns in NJ for young families from NYC

The Garden State has plenty of reasons to be a perfect location for raising a family. That’s why since you are planning on leaving the Big Apple for this place, you won’t make a mistake picking this part of the US to settle down. New Jersey will offer you outstanding beaches, farms, parks, and plenty of entertainment opportunities. Also, you will have a safe surrounding at your disposal and a family-friendly oriented environment for enjoyment. So, if you want to explore what else this start has to offer to families, you might want to consider the option of moving here. To get ready for that job, you need to find a great spot in New Jersey to be your nest home. And if you continue reading this text, you will discover which areas are some of the charming towns in NJ for young families from NYC!

Once you find the most suitable option, you can focus on prepping your family for the next step! That is leaving New York City and starting a new life in New Jersey. Anyhow, to ensure a safe relocation, you will need lots of tips by your side. For example, you will require hacks on how much in advance you should plan a move, packing tricks, etc.

In New Jersey, you will find lots of places that might be perfect for raising kids!

Madison is one of the most charming towns in NJ for young families from NYC

In Madison, you will have everything you need to raise your family! This environment will offer you piece and a friendly-oriented atmosphere. Also, you will find how clean the streets are, how beautiful the shops are, etc. Apart from that, Madison will offer you great schools at your disposal, lots of entertainment options, etc. Your kids will love its parks, sports events, and festivals. And, for sure, you will enjoy wonderful restaurants, bars, etc.

Anyhow, if you think Madison has everything you are looking for, you should think about relocating here. To move here or anywhere else in NJ like a pro, you might want to work with reliable movers. A company such as Gibraltar Van Lines will offer you dependable relocating professionals whose assistance you can use to simplify your transition. Thanks to those people, you will be able to organize and perform the move that entirely meets your demands, so you won’t have a single thing to be concerned about. Just give these movers a call, and let them do their job.

North Bergen

The next location that should be worthy of your attention is, for sure, North Bergen. North Bergen is highly recommended for families because it has lots of things to offer. Here, your kids will enjoy great schools, lots of attractions and activities, and plenty of entertainment options. Also, you will like its proximity to NYC, business benefits, and places to go out. In other words, North Bergen has everything you need to have a peaceful lifestyle. Apart from that, you will find its streets beautiful, properties attractive, etc.

Anyhow, since you are coming from NYC, you should also know why New Yorkers love these charming neighborhoods of New Jersey such as North Bergen. Once you do that homework, you will be ready for living in this nice environment with your family!

A house.
As you can see, there are lots of charming towns in NJ for young families from NYC!


Another nice and charming space in NJ that should be perfect for raising a family is, for sure, Boonton. This spot will offer you great schools, lots of attractions and activities, and plenty of entertainment options for enjoyment. Boonton is highly recommended for families because its environment is peaceful and friendly-oriented. Here, you will find many great local stores, art galleries, amazing restaurants, etc. Also, you will have lots of events, festivals, and other amusement opportunities at your disposal for spending time with your kids.

Anyhow, the best way to explore everything else this place has to offer is to move here. To ensure a safe relocation, you can rely on area’s professionals. You see, local movers from Boonton will take care of your move with the utmost attention, so you won’t have anything to be concerned about. Experts will offer you various moving services that you can use to settle down in your new home in this part of NJ in no time. So, if you want to experience a simple and easy move, all you have to do will be to give these people a call. 

Spring Lake is also one of the most charming towns in NJ

If you decide to start a new life in Spring Lake, you also won’t regret picking this city. Spring Lake will offer you a beautiful and safe environment that will be perfect for raising kids. Also, you will have an opportunity to enjoy great galleries, fashionable boutiques, etc. Your children will love Spring Lake because it offers lots of parks, amusement options, etc.

Once you become a resident, you will have plenty of time to explore everything else this place has to offer. Meanwhile, do your best to get ready for the big move. Learn how to prepare your family for your upcoming relocation, collect some packing hacks, etc.

Cape May is one of the most charming towns in NJ for young families from NYC!
You also won’t make a mistake if you pick Cape May to settle down!

Cape May

In the end, you should know that Cape May is also one of the most charming towns in NJ for young families from NYC! Here, you will enjoy a family-friendly oriented environment, lots of things to see and do, etc. Cape May will offer you many reasons to spend time outdoors with your family. You can explore the area thanks to its hiking trails. Also, you can take your family bird watching and kayaking. If you are seeking some entertainment, you might want to prep yourself for lots of events. Cape May will offer you:

  • Live Music at Exit Zero Filling Station
  • Movies on the Beach
  • Harvest Brew Fest

Also, Cape May is a pretty popular destination for tourists. So, once you become a resident, you can expect lots of foreigners from May until August. But, when that season ends, Cape May will become peaceful again.

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