Top Miami neighborhoods for NYC musicians

Being a musician who lives in New York City makes you believe that there is no other place where you can find yourself like that. But that is not completely true. Even though NYC is the most wanted city that never sleeps and is for everything, there are other cities like that. For instance, choosing Miami to live there after New York is a good idea. Especially when you do music. But there are many things to consider for this relocation. First of all, you need to find storage tips for art pieces, and a good moving company. But of course, that’s not everything. You will also need to discover Miami neighborhoods for NYC musicians. Choosing a good place to live according to your occupation is very important. So, choose wisely.

Choosing Miami neighborhoods for NYC musicians is important for so many reasons

Relocating from one state to another is not easy for everyone. Sometimes, you can feel like an ex-pat because of the culture shock that can happen once you get there. Also, living close to people with the same interests just like you is much better. Imagine that you have to live in a neighborhood that is peaceful and quiet, and all you want to do is play your instrument. These are only some of the reasons why you need to choose the right neighborhood.

And believe it or not, maybe your older friends from NYC that relocated to Florida live in the exact same neighborhood. It is not easy being lonely and surrounded by things that you are not that much interested in. And at the same time, it is not pleasant to drive or walk every day or night a lot to visit people with the same interests as yours. Once you find your perfect neighborhood you should visit websites of various moving companies, like, and book your movers.

View of a Ferris Wheel in Miami.
There are many Miami neighborhoods for NYC musicians, you just need to find yours.

Make a list of good neighborhoods to find the best one for you

Miami is a city that many people can describe as New York City. It’s always awake, and something is happening all the time. But to be able to enjoy your life as a New York musician, you must find your place with your people. There are plenty of good neighborhoods where you can live as a musician around Miami, but you want what is best for you. And that is expected. So, the best option that you have here is to prepare your NYC home for sale and try to find a new one in a good neighborhood. Writing down everything on a list will be very helpful. And it’s recommended to do that. So, some of the most popular choices are Wynwood, Coconut Grove, and Design District. The best chances of you finding your place are in these neighborhoods. So, give them a try and check them out.

One of the best Miami neighborhoods for NYC musicians is Wynwood

If you choose to live in Wynwood, that won’t be a mistake at all. The majority of the artists and young professionals choose this neighborhood when they relocate to Miami. There are 9,291 inhabitants, and the area feel is urban. Also, only some people choose to rent here, while most of them buy their own apartments or houses. There are plenty of interesting places where you can go out and enjoy in your music. You can both play in some pubs or bars, and you can also participate just listening and maybe even dancing.

Know that you will probably find communities based on musicians, and you can join them. That would be the easiest way to find friends. But, making friends here as a musician from New York won’t be difficult at all. All you need to do is relocate here. If you decide to do so, leave your instruments in good hands on the day of your relocation. Professional movers from Miami that you hire can relocate all your valuable items in less than a day without risking anything. Don’t try doing that on your own.

Aerial view of Miami.
Miami has plenty of opportunities if you know where to look.

The second neighborhood to consider is Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is the second neighborhood on the list which musicians from New York choose when relocating to Miami. Unlike Wynwood, Coconut Grove is a little bit bigger. First of all, there are 21,493 inhabitants. And it is a water-side neighborhood. When it comes to the area feel it is described as a mixture of urban and suburban. The median home value here is $737,714 while the median rent is $1,624. But still, the majority of the people are owners, not renters. This is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the whole of Miami, and here everyone can adapt. There is no need to overthink it and be worried about anything here. It is the second of the best Miami neighborhoods for NYC musicians.

Last but not least you have Design District as one of the Miami neighborhoods for NYC musicians

Design District is the smallest neighborhood of these three that are mentioned. Here, the population is only 3,880. But the thing that is the same in all three of them is that the majority of the inhabitants are buyers rather than owners. The area feels here is sparse suburban. Design District has many possibilities for you, even though it is small. Firstly, the location is amazing when you live in Miami. And also, as a musician, you will find many things to do here, and many people to spend time with. Which is exactly what you are looking for.

Aerial view of a neighborhood.
Choosing a neighborhood takes some time, so be patient.

Whatever neighborhood you choose, explore it as soon as you arrive

Choosing one of the best Miami neighborhoods for NYC musicians would be a waste if you don’t explore it when you get there. Many people make a mistake when they arrive in Miami. First, they focus on unpacking and settling down. You should avoid that. It is better to leave the obligations for the day after, and simply go out and explore things that are waiting for you now.

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