Best off-leash dog parks in Brooklyn

Having a pet is something amazing. But, as already know, with pets come many responsibilities. Especially when you are relocating to Brooklyn. Relocation can be stressful enough as-is, let alone a relocation with a pet. There will be plenty of things to consider and think about. For instance, finding the most walkable neighborhoods in Brooklyn will be a must. And at the same time, you want to know which are the best off-leash dog parks in Brooklyn where your dog can have a little bit of freedom. Stressful times are coming. However, you will need to stay as calm as possible in the following weeks until you get to Brooklyn.

One of the best off-leash dog parks in Brooklyn is Hillside Dog Park

The first park that you simply must give a try is Hillside Dog Park. It is a park that is located in Brooklyn Height, east of Columbia Heights and south of Vine Street. The space itself is beautiful because it is surrounded by many species of trees. This park is securely gated on each side, so you won’t have to worry that your dog can run away on the streets.

There is also a large area for dogs, no matter what size they are. But there is one area that is separated which is only for dogs that are small. Also, if you forget to bring water for your dog, that won’t be a problem. There are fountains with drinking water, so all the pets can stay hydrated. While you let your furry friend play around, you can also meet some people with dog owners sitting at the picnic tables. Calling movers such as Eagle Van Lines will be necessary for this relocation, so keep that in mind.

A dog on a leash.
Being constantly on a leash is not good for your dog.

Prospect Dog Park Beach is also a good choice

One of the best off-leash dog parks is also Prospect Dog Park Beach. It sounds like it is on the beach, but it’s actually not. When you go there, you will find an enormous meadow with some very bright green and good quality park. And the best thing about this park is the fact that there are off-leash hours. From 6 AM till 9 AM, and after that from 9 PM until 1 AM. There are many territories that are actually parts of this dog park. And the rule is same in all of them. Except in those hours, any other hour, your dog must be on a leash. So pay attention to your watch. And also need to figure out if you will rent or buy an apartment in Brooklyn. You can’t relocate to apartment that is not pet friendly.

Louis Valentino Jr, Park and Pier is also one of the best off-leash dog parks in Brooklyn

Since you are an animal lover, it will be completely understandable why is it important to find a place where your dog can be without a leash. If you thought that finding a place like that will be impossible in New York City, especially around Brooklyn, you were wrong. There are some parks and walking trails around where your little friend can have his or her own freedom. At least for a while. And Louis Valentino Jr, Park and Pier is one of them. This park is not that popular because the location is a little bit difficult to find. But, as many visitors say, time you spend until you find it is totally worth it. What makes it different is that this park is next to the water, so your dog can go and have a swim over there.

Group of friends in a park with a dog.
When you find one of the best off-leash dog parks in Brooklyn, you can hang out with friends while your pets play around.

Dimattina Playground and Dog run is one of the favorites dog parks to many dogs’ owners

Even though only in a small part is allowed to let your dog off-leash, this park melts a lot of dog lovers hearts. It is quite close to the park mentioned above – Louis Valentino Jr, Park and Pier, but it does not have the access to the water. This park is completely free, and there are areas separated for small dogs. Also, if you need to go to the restroom, you have them in the park. You can visit Dimattina every day from 6AM until 9PM. After that, the gates are closing.

  • Kensington Dog Run
  • Fort Greene Park
  • McCarren Park
  • Brower Park
  • Brooklyn Bridge Dog Park

Another one that is on the list for the best off-leash dog parks is McGloric Dog Park

This park is also one of the favorites among dog owners in Brooklyn. Here, all the dogs are allowed to be off the leash all the time. The entire park is safely secured with the fence, and a gate. Also, whenever you feel like resting and relaxing, worry not. There are plenty of benches and areas in the park made for the dog owners to relax while their pet plays around. Also, remember that you will have to prepare your pet for a relocation. It is as important as it is to find a park for them.

Happy dog walking around his friend.
Being able to run around free will make your dog happy.

Last but not least, you can check out Kensington Dog Run

Kensington Dog Run Association is a group of neighbors that put an effort to make a dog run. So, it is not an ordinary dog park, it’s much more than that. As the word says itself, this park was strictly made so the dogs can have the freedom to run and get rid of that extra energy that they have. Still, many people say that this is one of the best off-leash dog parks in Brooklyn, and they go there every evening before it is time for their pets to sleep. You can check it out and decide on your own.


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