Most walkable neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Moving to New York City is always a good idea, but moving to Brooklyn is even better. Brooklyn is one of the boroughs of NYC with the most attitude. It has a lot of great neighborhoods to make your home, so it can be hard to choose the perfect one. But if you do not like public transport and want to stay active, we can help you. Moving and Storage Brooklyn will tell you about the most walkable neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

The pros and cons of life in the Big Apple 

Before we get into where in Brooklyn you should live, let’s see what is good and bad about New York City. 

The positives of NYC 

First, we will talk about the benefits of the Big Apple because it is always better to start with something sweet: 

  • NYC is the spot if you want to advance your carrier in any industry. With technology hubs and artist areas all around the city, you will not find it hard to get a job and meet people in your line of work;
  • America is called the melting pot of cultures, and if any city represents that idea, it would be the Big Apple. There are Jewish, Italian, Asian, and many more communities in NYC. If you are from a rural part of America, the diversity of New York City will overwhelm you; 
  • Because New York City is so diverse, they have the best food in the USA. No matter what you want to eat, you can find it in the Big Apple, from 100-year-old Jews delis to new experimental restaurants; 
  • In the Big Apple, there is always something to do – you can make it simple or field with many activities. If you are a lover of sports, theater, or art, there is always something to do. Visit a new art gallery, see the experts of the MET, and spend a simple weekend afternoon in Central Park.  


a person taking a slice of pizza
New York has a lot of tasty foods, but the most famous one is pizza.


So if you like what NYC has to offer, look for a moving company to get you there. If you can not find one, Clean Cut Moving can handle the relocation for you. But you can always shop around for other options. 

Not so great things about the Big Apple 

Even though NYC is endless in possibilities and fun activities, it is not only sunshine and rainbows. 

  • The first reason why people leave the Big Apple is the huge living costs. It is no secret that New York City is the most expensive city in America. What contributes to the high living cost is the price of real estate. It does not matter if you are renting or buying – you will be paying a lot. So you should pay extra attention when house hunting in Brooklyn
  • The city can get pretty weird, especially on the subway. Every New Yorker can tell you a story about an unusual encounter in the subway, so you should expect to witness the same. 
  • The third negative of NYC is that it can get competitive. Your line of work does not matter if you want to succeed in the Big Apple. You will have to fight for it! If you do not plan to work hard, you should consider moving to a less competitive city. 

Now that you know what to expect – let’s move on to the best neighborhoods of Brooklyn. 

Most walkable neighborhoods in Brooklyn – Red Hook 

The first area of Brooklyn you should check out is Red Hook. The neighborhood looks out onto New York Bay and has a frontal view of the Statue of Liberty. Red Hook had to be very walkable because there is not a lot of public transport in the area. You will probably have to drive to work or walk a bit to reach the subway at Carroll Street or Smith–Ninth Streets. 


Statue of Liberty
What makes Red Hook one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Brooklyn is the waterfront parks from where you can see the Statue of Liberty.


The area does not have a lot of green parks, but there are waterfront parks. For some people, parks near New York Bay are an improvement to the greenery of parks. So if you want to be near waterfront parks, enlist the help of professionals, Brooklyn movers, who will get you to Red Hook hassle-free. 

Most people in Red Hook rent rather than own. It will cost you around 2000 to 5000 to rent in Red Hook. For those looking to buy a home in Red Hook, the median home price is around 2.6 million dollars. Before purchasing a home in Red Hook, read tips for buying a house in Brooklyn

Most walkable neighborhoods in Brooklyn – Downtown Brooklyn 

One of the most walkable neighborhoods in Brooklyn is Downtown Brooklyn. Unlike Red Hook, Downtown Brooklyn is well connected to Manhattan, and you can reach it by Brooklyn or Manhattan bridges. Downtown Brooklyn is the unofficial center of the borough. The area is surrounded by Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, and Dumbo, and you can reach Lower Manhattan fast.  

And you will not be bored in this neighborhood because there are a lot of activities. If you love supporting local artists, check out the Brooklyn Cultural District. If you are bored, they have an event coming up to keep you entertained. Go to the BRIC or The Theater for a New Audience. Those who want to learn something about the famous New York public transport should check out the New York Transit Museum.


empty theater
Catch a show in Downtown Brooklyn by The Theater for a New Audience.


There are 377 homes for sale in the area and 159 to rent. Homes are less expensive than in Red Hook. The median home cost is 1.2 million. The rent is about the same, with studios starting around 2,500 dollars. 


We hope you explore the most walkable neighborhoods in Brooklyn! Brooklyn has a lot more to offer than what we wrote, so make sure to explore it to the fullest.

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