Moving from the East to the West Coast with kids – where to settle down

Moving cross country can be hard to handle. One of the biggest concerns people have is choosing the right place, especially if they are moving with kids. If you are moving from the East to the West Coast with kids, where to settle down?

Long-distance relocations are never easy

You need to pack, choose a new home, prepare your kids for relocation, look for schools, and make sure a new place is family-friendly and safe. So many things to do and moving mistakes to avoid. But, you need to start from somewhere. There are many differences between the East and West coast and adjusting to a new environment may be hard at first. If you explore places more before you move, and wisely choose your new home, you will be happy with your family.

Kids in a park
Moving with kids can be exhausting and difficult, but if you choose the right place, it may be easier to handle

Make moving from the East to the West Coast with kids less stressful

There are different ways how to make moving with family a little bit easier. One of the ways is to ask for help. A professional moving company that is experienced in long-distance relocations can help you focus on your kids while moving. They will take care of packing and transportation and you will be able to spend time with your family and finish other moving-related tasks.

Also, having a storage unit when moving to a new state on the other side of the country can be helpful. Portable storage, storage containers, or a self-storage facility – choose the best option for you. At PortaBox Storage you may find the right solution to keep your items safe during the relocation.

The list of family-friendly places on the West Coast

Visiting popular West Coast places is not enough, you need to make sure a place is safe and family-friendly. Here are some of the places on the West Coast perfect for raising kids.

Location pins on a map depicting moving from the East to the West Coast with kids
Choose the best place for your family before moving from the East to the West Coast with kids

San Ramon, CA

San Ramon is one of the best places in California to live, especially for families. A lot of people here are under 19 years old. 32.3% of them are younger than 19. Also, the unemployment rate is low as well as the crime rate.

Hillsboro, OR

If you want to live in Oregon, Hillsboro is definitely a place to consider moving to and settling in with your kids. Childcare is affordable, and housing is as well. The poverty rate is low and the economy is very strong.

Bainbridge Island, WA

A place with amazing public schools near Seattle – that is Bainbridge Island. If you want to live in Washington, the suburbs of Seattle are a great choice for kids. Many people after moving to Bainbridge Island are renting a storage unit because it is a great option for your belongings and a place where all your items are safe.

Folsom, CA

The median incomes are high in Folsom and the housing costs equal just 20% of household income on average. The poverty rate is low, the crime rate is low, and schools are great. If you are moving from the East to the West Coast with kids, Folsom should be on your list. To enjoy a stress-free and affordable family relocation, find a good local moving company first.

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