Tips for seniors moving from NYC to Largo, FL 

You have gotten older, and New York City is not for you anymore. You want to live in a place with no snow and only sun all year round. The nearest to the Big Apple that fits that description is Florida. You have chosen to leave NYC for Largo, Florida, but now you do not know how to relocate there. Thankfully, Moving and Storage Brooklyn have tips for seniors moving from NYC to Largo, FL.

Why leave the Big Apple for the Sunshine State 

Before we get into moving tips that will help us get to Largo, let’s see why you should move to Florida

  • The first reason we already mentioned in the beginning is the ever sunny weather of the Sunshine State. NYC has a lot of things over Florida but where it can not even come close is the climate. The state has over 200 sunny days a year and no freezing days. Leave your jacket when moving from NYC to Largo.
  • The second reason to move to Florida is the cost of living. Florida is on average, less expensive than the state of New York. But if we compare Largo to New York City, the gap is even larger. Living in NYC is 100% more expensive than living in Largo. If you were to sell your homes in New York City, you could potentially afford to own two homes in Florida. But your better option is to keep the one in NYC and buy a second home in Florida
coconut tree on the beach
Seniors moving from NYC to Largo can relax on the beach for an affordable price.


So if you see how inexpensive Largo is compared to NYC, move there. Remember, local Largo professionals can assist you with your relocation, so there’s no need to DIY your move. They know the whole of Pinellas County well and can get you to your new home fast,

Declutter before moving from NYC to Largo

The first for the elderly is to declutter your home before your relocation to Largo. To prevent you from losing items and throwing away significant belongings, you should write everything down. 

Since you are moving to relax in your golden years in Florida, do not keep anything that you do not need. Give items from your NYC place to your family members or sell them. If you want to rent your old pace or sell it, make sure that no items are left behind. 

Seniors moving from NYC to Largo should not deal with heavy items 

The second tip for seniors relocating to Largo is to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. Many companies in NYC move to Florida, and they can assist you and prevent back pains. One of them is – they can deal with bulky items with no problem. But if they are not for you, you can find other experts to help you pack and load the truck to Largo. 

man with a beard holding a box
Movers can deal with bulky items in your Big Apple place faster and without any injuries.

You are ready to start your retirement in Largo 

With our tips, seniors moving from NYC to Largo will have no problem during their relocation process. They only have to worry about under which palm tree to relax when they arrive in Florida.

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