Renter’s guide to finding an apartment in the Upper West Side

Finding an apartment in the Big Apple is one of the most grueling processes a person can go through. And the task becomes even more difficult when you have to look for an apartment in Manhattan. Thankfully, yours truly, Moving and Storage Brooklyn is here to make it easier for you. We have for you a renter’s guide to finding an apartment in the Upper West Side. 

Decide on your budget to find an apartment in the Upper West Side 

The first step in locating a place in the Upper West Side is looking at what you can afford. Let’s see how much it costs to rent an apartment in Manhattan. 

  • Finding an apartment in the Upper West Side will not be cheap – on average, a studio goes for 1300-dollars a month in Manhattan. If you can not afford a larger place and have extra stuff get a reliable storage unit, and you can get by with a studio.
  • A one-bedroom will run you 1400-dollars a month.
  • Two-bedroom place in the Upper West Side is around 1700-dollars.


a black piggy bank in the middle of coins
Finding an apartment in the Upper West Side will not be a cheap endeavor.


As you can see, apartments are astronomically expensive on the Upper West Side. But now that you know how much they cost you can decide on your budget. When you do finally find an apartment, enlist the help of experts a.k.a. Upper West Side movers. They know Upper West Side well and will get you into your new apartment without any hiccups on the road. 

Location of your Upper West Side apartment 

Picking the right neighborhood before coming to NYC is crucial. There are two choices in our eyes on the Upper West Side.  

  • The first choice is to get an apartment near Central Park, which is closer to the other parts of Manhattan. 
  • Or get an apartment facing the Hudson, whichever you choose, try and get as close as possible to West 59th Street. 

By being nearer to West 59th Street, you will be closer to Midtown and Lower Manhattan, where most people work. Regardless of where you choose to relocate, count on a trustworthy, long-standing moving company such as Heart Moving Manhattan, NYC to take care of your move. They will pick you up and get you into your Upper West Side place before you know it.

Inspect the place in the Upper West Side before signing a lease

To make sure you have made the right choice with your place on the Upper West Side, inspect it. Here are the things you should check before committing. 

  • First, check the plumbing and the water pressure. 
  • Second, check all the outlets and switches. They should work perfectly.
  • Third, if you work online, make sure the place has a fast and stable internet connection. 
  • Finally, come and visit the apartment at night and inspect for noise. You do not want to pay thousands of dollars in rent, only to realize you’re not going to get any sleep.

man looking out of a window
Inspect your Upper West Side place before signing a lease.


Hopefully, the above tips have made the business of finding an apartment in the Upper West Side somewhat easier. Now that you know what to search for, we are confident you’ll stumble upon a place just right for you!



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