Realtor’s advice on buying a condo in Greenpoint

Buying a condo in Greenpoint surely is very exciting but you should know that it can take some time to find a nice one that you will like. This is mainly because Brooklyn is simply a very popular place and condos there are very high in demand. That’s also the reason for prices but surely you know all about that. We won’t be talking much about financing the condo since that is very individual for every person and we believe that you got this covered already.

Condo hunting in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

This is one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods. You will be needing a realtor. That is only to make sure you get the best price and to find everything that is available. That doesn’t mean you can start searching now before you even find one. There are plenty of websites like Zillow that can help you with your virtual home hunt so start looking.

A woman researching about buying a condo in Greenpoint
You can find out a lot on your own.

If you see some red flags

If you find a place you like and see some potential red flags you can call a home inspector to help you out. They have what is called a “trained eye” and can tell you if the place you want to buy is worth it. Some things like mold and mildew or problematic plumbing and such should be avoided unless the price is right. So before calling reliable local movers like make sure that everything is in order.

Don’t fall for realtor tricks

Everybody wants to sell their place as quickly as possible that is the reason why we suggested home inspection before buying. That’s why when buying a condo in Greenpoint or anywhere else for that matter you should pay attention to old realtor tricks and look past them. Home staging for example is here to attract you or even make you not notice wet spots on the walls. Don’t fall for homey smells as well, they are here to make you feel nostalgic and impact your judgment. Make a pros and cons list for every place you like.

three realtors talking and working
Realtors are very good at masking problematic areas.

Moving to your new condo

This will mean you chose the perfect place for you so this is an exciting thing. But it can also be very stressful and hard. Don’t worry, professionals can jump in and help you with all your moving needs. Especially at the end when you are tired but still need to unpack and settle in.

Fun facts about Greenpoint

Did you know that Greenpoint was once known across the USA for manufacturing marine products, porcelain, and glass? If you are intrigued you can still see Greenpoint’s industrial past or just pieces of it with buildings such as The Astral, a brick, and terracotta rental building so as soon as you unpack you can start exploring.

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