What to Know About Moving Quotes in 2022

Even though it might be tempting to schedule your relocation with the first moving company that pops up on Google, you might want to rethink this urge. We understand you might feel rushed or just can’t wait to sell your existing house and move to your dream home. However, if you don’t wish to get an unpleasant surprise in the form of a bill, read on. This article will show you the importance of getting multiple relocation quotes before choosing the right company for your move. So, stay tuned for everything you need to know about moving quotes and what to expect on your relocation day.

What do moving quotes really mean?

Numerous factors will dictate the overall price, including which company you hire, how far you are relocating, and what moving (and packing) services you choose. However, it’s essential to get an estimate before you sign the contract to know what to expect when the day comes.

We consulted professionals in the field from Clean Cut Moving and found out what exactly is included in a full-service moving company quote.

  • tariff costs
  • travel distance (in miles)
  • an estimated weight of your belongings
  • packing supplies
  • packing (and unpacking) services
  • storage
  • transportation charges
  • additional fuel
  • insurance
  • additional services you might require
  • discounts (if applicable)
a mover documenting moving quotes on his iPad
When talking about moving quotes with the salesperson, make sure you give them many details to get the most accurate estimate.

Different types of moving quotes

Getting an estimate of your moving expenses will give you a better idea of the overall price and help you avoid surprises. Typically, you will need to provide some info online, via phone, or in-person so that the company can give you a written estimate. However, these estimates can seem complicated for people unfamiliar with the moving vocabulary, terms, and conditions.

So, let’s start by learning which types of moving quotes exist.

1. Binding estimate

In the first case, the company must honor the price they provide you with if nothing changes until your relocation date. So, if you move only the items from the inventory sheet, the final price will match the one that appears in the binding estimate.

This estimate is perfect for those who don’t want to over-complicate things and are serious about getting a mover. However, if you have more items for your relocation, you will need to negotiate the price with the movers beforehand or require a new binding estimate.

2. Non-binding estimate

As opposed to the first type, the non-binding estimates mean that movers don’t have to actually honor the price they gave you in the moving quote. Therefore, it would be best to be careful with it or avoid it entirely if possible.

The most common scenario this happens to many is because they provide you with an estimate by weight of cubic feet. Unfortunately, once the day comes and your belongings weigh more than written on the quote you were given, you can end up paying a significantly higher price than expected.

3. Binding-not-to-exceed

Finally, this is the most popular estimation type moving companies offer. This is because you will know the maximum amount you could pay.

In simple terms, if your belongings are heavier than initially quoted, you won’t need to pay anything other than the maximum amount found on your moving quote. If, on the other hand, your belongings end up being lighter, you will pay less and, therefore, save money.

Terms to look out for in moving quotes

Now that you are aware of the moving quotes types, it’s time to learn to understand it. Here are the terms to pay attention to:

Bill of landing

BOL stands for an official agreement between you and the movers. Therefore, this document is essential, and it’s crucial to read it carefully before signing.

Some of the things to check are if all the contents are listed, the pickup date, and the delivery address.

a husband and wife reading their moving cost estimates
Before signing the contract with your chosen movers, make sure you understand their terms.


CP stands for carrier packed and shows the number of boxes the movers fill. So, if you are combining self and mover-packing services, make sure your price doesn’t exceed the realistic one and avoid additional moving costs.


Cash on delivery is the amount of money you will need to pay for your cargo when it gets relocated to your new home. If the whole shipment is cash-only, make sure you get a signed receipt with the amount you paid to avoid potential problems later.

Cube sheet

This is the document they use to determine the weight of your whole shipment. They do this by calculating the number of cubic feet your items will occupy in their transportation trucks.

Flight charge

This is a commonly misinterpreted term. The flight charge means how many flights of stairs the movers go through to transport your furniture and boxes.


This is a list of the belongings you have for relocation. This is a long list that shows the quantity and condition of your belongings.


PBO means packed by owner. You can save some money by packing some of your belongings yourself. If you previously agreed that you would do all the packing, this part shouldn’t appear on your estimate.

Additionally, you can opt for flat rate movers and get full support at a cost-effective price. This way, you will ensure you don’t break your wallet while you won’t have to do any packing.


PAD stands for preferred arrival date. Make sure you enter the date you want your possessions to arrive at your new home once you are asked to fill out a form.

Standard coverage

Movers are legally required to include a free minimum amount of insurance for your possessions. This won’t be a large amount of money, but it will be the amount you’ll receive if your goods get damaged. The standard coverage is usually $0.06 per pound of a damaged possession.

Since this is not anywhere near the price you will end up paying if your iPad gets damaged, you should consider getting insurance for your higher-value items.


This stands for what the company says the worth of your belongings is and the highest amount they will take liability for.

a mover driving a moving van
Moving companies take liability for your belongings while they have the shipment, but you must be aware of the costs.

The takeaway from moving quotes in 2022

Now that you know about the moving quotes types and things you need to pay attention to, you are ready to start calling different moving companies nearby and get your estimates. Remember, a successful move begins long before the actual packing and moving to a new apartment. So, now that you can talk about relocation quotes, it leaves us only to wish you good luck with your relocation!

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