Guide to renting your first apartment in Brooklyn

Looking for an apartment in NYC can be a complex and tough thing to do. The city is coveted by many and the competition to find the right apartment is fierce. This is why apartments are expensive and good apartments are snatched up quickly. To find just what you need you have to consult some apartment hunting guides and follow some good advice. If you are renting your first apartment in Brooklyn you have to prepare well. It is hard to find a good and affordable apartment there. This is a good neighborhood well located and near a transport hub. So make sure to find some good tips to help out.

Apartment hunting in Brooklyn

First of all, you should know to start looking well in advance. At least a month in advance is a good time frame to start your search and thorough investigation. Get to know Brooklyn so you have an idea of what is possible. Get as much information as possible about the neighborhood and areas of interest. Also, spend as much time in the neighborhood to get a feel of the area and people. Once you know what you need to keep in mind the following:

  • Know your budget
  • Be quick
  • Get your papers in order
  • Beware of scams
  • Get insurance


A good rule of thumb is that your rental budget should not exceed 25% of your income. In NYC the story is different and this percentage goes up to 50%. NYC is very expensive and finding an affordable place in Brooklyn is also tough. This means that you must be clear about your budget, what you can pay. Always ask yourself if the apartment is worth the rent. Also, make sure that you meet the credit requirements set by landlords.

A written apartment specification
Make sure you know what you are looking for

Be quick

Good apartments usually lease very quickly. If you have found what you need do not hesitate but make sure to ask the right questions and have all the details. Do not wait until tomorrow or even for an hour. Make contact immediately or you can lose the apartment. Also, be prepared to sign the lease on short notice. Usually, you will have to negotiate the lease and sign it in 20 minutes in order not to lose the apartment. Basically renting your first apartment in Brooklyn will be a race against time.

 Prepare the paperwork

To be quick about leasing you should prepare your papers well in advance. Always bring your professional references and a credit report with you. Also bring your latest pay stubs, tax return, and a copy of your ID and co-signers information. Also, have a certified check in the amount of the first month’s rent as well as enough money for a security deposit.

Beware of scams

Be on the lookout for scammers. With the high demand for apartments, it’s no wonder that people resort to scamming renters. Many apartments on offer may be converted or have an outdated layout. These might be impossible to live in and may be more expensive than they are worth. So try to avoid scammers, check out the place, and be clear about what you need.

People making an inspection when renting your first apartment in Brooklyn
Beware of scams so make a personal inspection

Get renters insurance

Be sure to get insurance once you sign a lease. It will protect your new place as well as protect you from damage to your belongings.

One final advice

Renting your first apartment in Brooklyn can be an endeavor and a tough task to complete. However, it is possible. Make sure to avoid the summer months, the rush, and the competition. Research and get informed to make sure you land a Brooklyn apartment that you need.


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