Ways to ease a relocation from NYC to Columbus

As a move approaches, you can not but feel stressed. The hard work that awaits you so that you can execute a successful relocation to Columbus. But we are here to help you and tell you all you need to know about ways to ease a relocation from NYC to Columbus. Let’s begin!

Ways to ease a relocation from NYC to Columbus – learn about Columbus 

To make the relocation from NYC to Columbus less stressful, we recommend learning about Columbus. By learning about Columbus, you will know what to expect when you move there, and that will make your transition period more comfortable. To spare you the time on research, we have some facts about Columbus. 

  • The first fact that will ease the relocation from NYC to Columbus is that Columbus is a lot cheaper than NYC. If you move to Columbus, you can forget about having a downsizing checklist. In Columbus, you can afford a much bigger place for less money. The median home cost in Columbus is 205,800- dollars, while in NYC, it is 654,300- dollars, which is 217.9% more expensive. You will also find out that all the other factors that affect livability are more affordable in Columbus. New York City is 95.1% more costly than Columbus. 
  • In recent years Columbus has experience growth and innovation and has grown into the capital of Ohio. 
  • The third thing you have to know about Columbus is the public transports system. We have to point out that it is no match to NYC’s public transport, not a lot of cities can match up to it. But the Columbus public transports system is sufficient and will help you get around the city if you do not have a car. 
  • Finally, you won’t be bored in Columbus. While there are not a lot of cities that can match up to the level of activities that New York City has to offer, Columbus has its charms. You can go to a hockey game, theater or a movie. Go out and dine in restaurants that serve food from diverse cuisines. 
a man holding dollar banknotes
The most beneficial thing about moving to Columbus is that you won’t worry about money.

Create a timeline for your Columbus relocation 

When you complete your research on Columbus, the second thing you should do is make a moving timeline. The primary use of the moving timeline is to organize your time. It will put you on track and help you achieve moving goals. Here is an example of a moving timeline you can use to create your own. 

  • Two months before the move, start researching moving companies that can assist you with your move to Columbus.
  • A month before the move, start making calls to potential moving companies and decide which one you will hire. If you do not want to waste your time, zippyshellcolumbus.com can assist with your relocation. They are local Columbus movers that know the area and will get you there in no time.
  • Three weeks before the move, inform your work when you leave for Columbus, and look for moving supplies if your mover is not providing them.
  • Start packing two weeks before the move, so you do not get overwhelmed.
  • A week before the move, pay all of your utility bills in New York City and set up your utilities in your new home in Columbus.
  • A day before the move, prepare some healthy meals to have on your move to Columbus.
  • And finally, on moving day, let the movers handle loading the truck.
black marker on a notebook with a calendar
One of the ways to ease a relocation from NYC to Columbus is to make a timetable.

By following our example above, you can make a complete personalized timeline for your needs. But do not forget the most crucial thing about a timetable is to reach your goals as planned. Organizing a move to Columbus won’t be enough if you do not do the work. 

Movers will make your relocation to Columbus more relaxed

The third way you can make your move from the Big Apple to Columbus more comfortable is by hiring movers. While this is the third entry, it is the thing that will help you the most with the relocation process. The crucial thing is to find reliable movers that can assist you with your move to Columbus because some movers might add additional moving costs to get more money out of you. 

The first thing you should do to find reliable movers is turn to your friends. If they had any experience with movers in Columbus, that is the best reference you can get. However, if they had not needed to hire movers, move on to researching. 

Firstly, to cull the bad movers, read online moving reviews. Secondly, make a list of the most favorably reviewed movers. Thirdly, call all the moving companies to ask them for an estimate, prices, and if they move specialized items. Lastly, we recommend you do before hiring is meeting them and talking. 

Ways to ease a relocation from NYC to Columbus – getting storage in Columbus focus 

When you get to Columbus, you should focus on getting used to the new city. To concentrate on transitioning, you do not want to worry about the belongings that do not fit in your new home in Columbus. To avoid that put all excess items away in storage in Columbus. They have different types of storage options. If you want to get your items anytime you want, choose a self-storage rental. For belongings that need extra attention, there is a clime-controlled option. And if you need to store for a prolonged period, get long-term storage. 

pink storage units
Put your stuff in storage and explore the city.

By having storage, you do not deal with unwanted belongings immediately. You can explore your neighborhood, organize a moving-in party and get to know your neighbors. You can also spend time getting to know the city. 

Final word 

We hope that our ways to ease a relocation from NYC to Columbus assist you and make this change in your life stress less. Good luck! 

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