How to avoid additional moving costs

When you are able to manage your money properly and plan all your expenses, you can plan anything.  The hardest thing on earth is o save some money, especially when you have all the temptations around you. When you are moving, you have to count on spending some money but it is good if you have a way to avoid additional moving costs. Moving can be an expensive process, whether we wanted it or not.

Count each penny twice

If you start on time and plan your moving in advance there is a possibility that you can avoid additional moving costs. Of course, you have to think about some tips and tricks. have in mind that there is no way to do it for free, especially if it is a long-distance move but you can roll up your sleeves and :

  • Try to get free boxes
  • Do the packing all by yourself
  • Be flexible with your plan
  • Hire affordable movers
Save as much as you can

Look around

Cardboard moving boxes are usually cheap but if you need a large number of them, it can be a serious expense. The boxes from the different ad firmer materials are even more expensive. Before you start your packing, check online or in stores to get their old boxes that are free. Just one look can save you a lot of money and you will be able to avoid additional moving costs. Make an extra step and use every bag that you have and try to pack your stuff in a smart way and use all the space you have.

You know the right way

To avoid additional costs during the moving, since you have managed to acquire packing boxes, do the packing by yourself. Don’t forget to arrange your items before packing and use this opportunity to clean everything. Pack only the things you need and try to be reasonable. Each additional item will take up space in your boxes and in e moving truck. Remember to label everything carefully with the content marks and try to separate the fragile things. Find the best solution for all those things that you don’t need and you didn’t pack. Make a small garage sale or you can even sell it online. This way you will earn some cash so it’s a double way of lowering your costs. You won’t have to pay for moving that unnecessary stuff, plus, you’ll earn some cash.

Give yourself enough time

A flexible moving schedule can lower the costs of your moving. Moving during the workday is much cheaper than moving during the weekend.  Try to avoid some specific dates, like September 1st because that’s when the school year in college starts. This month is overcrowded in moving company’s and their business is in peak. The best time for the moving, if you want to avoid additional moving costs, will be late fall and winter. This is a hard time to move because of the weather, but it’s cheaper.

Time is money

Find affordable option

When hiring movers there are a lot of differences in prices and in the service. In this case, you need to put some effort into finding the right option. Do some research and compare the prices online or in the newspaper ads. When choosing affordable mover try not to diminish the service they will provide. Sometimes the one you found with the lowest price may have poor service. When we talk about an affordable mover, we are not speaking about the cheapest one, but the one that has the best price versus service cost.

As you can see, there are many ways to avoid additional moving costs but you have to organize your move on time and try to predict all possible expenses and obstacles.

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