Reasons to move to Virginia countryside after retirement

Virginia is a state which is located in the US,  between the Atlantic coast and the Appalachian Mountains. The climate is humid with hot summers and crisp winter. Before you move to Virginia countryside after retirement, there are some facts to know.

Before moving to Virginia

Make sure to gather all information required for relocating process.

  • Gather Information about moving and living costs.
  • Prepare your finances for relocating
  • Transfer your medical documents to the right health center or nursing home.

Why should you move to the Virginia countryside after retirement?

Here are some of the reasons why people are moving to VA after retirement and what this state has to offer you as a senior.

Tax benefits for retires

The good thing about Virginia being a great choice for retirees is that it’s tax-friendly for pensioners, social security included. The state tax rate is below 6%. This is very pleasing for retirees.  Therefore, should you think about relocating out of your current place after retirement, seek professional relocating assistance to help you with the process. This state in question is a great place to retire.

A piggy bank.
If you have saved enough money, move after retirement to a better place

Virginia provides you with lower living costs

Including tax-friendliness, Virginia has affordable costs of living for retirees.  Groceries, fuel, utilities,  transportation, and housing are cheaper than in nearby states. All of those minor taxes show that it’s cheaper to live in Virginia. You can move at an affordable price and experts can assist with anything related to moving and packing.

Virginia has a lot of cities for every income

In Virginia, some places have greater costs of living than others. Thus choosing the right place before you move to Virginia countryside after retirement is going to play in your favor. One of the best places to move after retirement in Virginia is Appalachia which is the #1 place with the lowest cost of living according to Niche. Appalachia is a city which is located in Virginia with a population of 1.400 people. It has great grades for the Cost of living. housing, weather, diversity, and it’s good for families.


Most of the residents in this town own their homes. The median home value is $57.700 while the median rent is $360. The other towns with the lowest cost of living in this state are Chatmoss, Covington, Springville, and Cana. A2B Moving and Storage is one of the companies that can move you to VA with ease.

An elderly couple walking in the park after the move to Virginia countryside after retirement
Enjoy life after all those years working once you move to Virginia countryside after retirement


The other reason why you should relocate to Virginia after retirement is because of its moderate climate. Summers are warm during and when it comes to winter, Virginia offers moderate winters and warm springs. So it sounds excellent for retirement. When planning a move in advance you should move to a place with good weather.

Enjoy your golden years

These are a few of the arguments on why you should move to Virginia countryside after retirement. Starting a new life in Virginia is an excellent decision. Pack your bags and Bon Voyage.

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