Moving in NYC during winter seasons: pros and cons

Moving is always a hectic business that can cause you a headache. Going through a local move in NYC, one of the busiest cities in the world can seem overwhelming. However, it is doable if you know just how and what to do. To make this process easier it is good to find the perfect time to move. People often argue that winter may be the best season to move. After deciding just where you are going to move to you can take advantage of the wintertime moving in Big Apple. So let’s see just what are the pros and cons of moving in NYC during winter seasons. This guide might help you prepare for your local New York move and help you decide on the right time to do it.

NYC local moving – the pros

Many would claim that moving during the winter season is the best time to do so. As the temperature drops, a winter move may seem like the last thing you should be planning. However, there seem to be many reasons to do just that. New Yorkers with moving experience prefer to do so. Use resources from Verified Movers to find reputable local NYC movers who have a lot of experience and knowledge about winter moving.

The reasons are plentiful. They are not only tied to the moving process itself. Other unrelated reasons influence this decision. So, there are a lot of pros to winter moving. At the same time, there are a lot of cons. So let’s see some of the dominant pros:

  • Less competition
  • Lower rent
  • Possible incentives
  • Lower brokerage fees
  • Negotiating position
  • Flexibility and moving cost

Less competition

The busiest time for rental properties ends by the end of fall. In winter, there isn’t too much demand for rental properties so you can easily find vacancies. Supply is high in winter giving you more opportunity to choose and even get a better deal than any other time.

A man on a snowy streeet considers moving in NYC during winter seasons
You can considerably benefit if you plan your NYC move in the winter season

Lower rent

Condos often stay available for longer during the winter months. This influences a drop in rent prices over the winter as an attempt to pull in leaseholders. This drop in prices can be significant and may vary between 3-8%. This means that moving and leasing during winter can save you hundreds of dollars a year. This is important if you are already trying to find a cheap apartment in NYC.

Possible incentives

In addition, many landlords may provide incentives if you lease with them. These motivational forces are something to look for when apartment hunting.  You can get a month or two free leases. You may also get some of the amenities free for a couple of months or even a year. This can also save you a lot of money making moving in NYC during winter seasons highly desirable.

Lower brokerage fees

Brokerage fees are paid to the intermediary who works to get the property rented. Usually, this fee is paid by the tenant as a charge for securing the property. In winter when the demand is low this fee is usually paid by the lender. This is because ta low demand is forcing landlords to aggressively search for tenants. This way, they are interested in paying these fees to secure a lease. In these situations, the tenant can benefit because he is not exposed to this kind of expense.

Flexibility and moving cost

Wintertime marks the end of moving and looking for an apartment frenzy. Everything is quieter and there is no rush when it comes to moving. So, it is much easier to find the right moving company to handle your local NYC move. This all makes it much easier when scheduling the move as your chosen movers will be more flexible about moving dates.

People shaking hands in a meeting
Make sure you exploit your negotiating position

They might even try to stimulate your winter relocation with a lower cost or discount. As finding proper assistance is the key to your successful move, it might be wiser to plan your move in the winter. This fact will make it easier to find the top moving company to handle your move. They will also be ready to offer additional services like packing at a discount price.

Negotiating position

The off-season is bad for the landlords. Usually, apartments stay vacant for longer periods. The demand during winter is low so the owners are willing to negotiate more. This situation makes the negotiating position of the lender better as they can get a better deal. Whether it is lower rent, better leasing conditions, or added amenities in winter the negotiating position is better and more beneficial.

The const of NYC moving during the winter season

Well although you can see that there are many reasons to move in the winter everything is not that simple. There are some downsides to moving in NYC during the winter seasons. They can cause you hardship or even put you off from moving. However, good preparation for moving and getting professional help is key to overcoming relocation difficulties and avoiding mistakes.  The most significant cons to this plan are:

Holidays – make sure to avoid moving during the holidays. Some movers won’t work over the holidays. Also, some buildings won’t allow you to move in at this time. So, get all of the information and plan to move at some other time.

A moving truck in the snow
Try to make things easier for your moving crew when moving in NYC during winter seasons.

The weather – the weather in NY can be freezing and wet in the winter. You will certainly get cold and wet during your move so prepare for it. Make sure that your cardboard boxes are well protected from the rain, snow, and slush. Also, dress in layers to and protect well from the cold.

Moving conditions and traffic – Make sure that your movers can maneuver to your building. So keep an eye on traffic to plan for a move when there is not too much traffic. Try to get the parking spot for the truck as close as you can. Also, plan the best route from apartment to apartment to make this commute easier.

Take everything into account

So there are considerable cons to moving in NYC during the winter seasons but that doesn’t seem to deter people from doing it. This is because there are also plenty of pros to this idea. Whatever you decide, make sure to be well prepared for local moving in NYC. Moving in NYC during winter seasons may be hectic and seem chaotic, but it is doable if you prepare and plan it right.

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