Moving to Saudi Arabia: list of prohibited and restricted items

In case you want to start a new life in Saudi Arabia, you need to prepare accurately for the big move. To do so, you should have a realtor by your side to help you find the right home. And, also you will need a list of prohibited and restricted items you should not bring along when moving to Saudi Arabia!

To learn more about those pieces, you should continue reading this article. Here you will also find out how much in advance should you plan a move and why you might want to work with professional movers on this mission!

A man is getting ready for moving to Saudi Arabia.
Do plenty of homework when getting ready for the big move to this wonderful country!

Here are some prohibited and restricted items you should not move to Saudi Arabia

  • Forget about the liquids! Overall, you should not relocate them! However, when it comes to Saudi Arabia, make sure not to bring along especially alcohol or anything that contain alcohol.
  • As for the narcotics and medicines, you should have a doctor’s prescription. If not, don’t bother!
  • Any type of radio transmitters can’t pass with you when relocating to Saudi Arabia!

For those belongings that are allowed to bring along, make sure they are properly packed for the big move. They should be ready when movers like Four Winds KSA come to transfer them to Saudi Arabia. So, take your time to learn how to pack so everything can arrive safely at another location!

What else is not welcome in Saudi Arabia?

  • Pork and pork products
  • Weapons
  • Binoculars, telescopes
  • Particular sculptures
  • Distillery equipment
  • Drones

Apart from those, many other things are forbidden to bring along when transferring to Saudi Arabia. Well, whenever you decide to move, you should have some professionals at your disposal. So, whether you need any moving tips or relocating services, you can ask for their help. Also, if you require any custom clearance, it’s best to turn to experts for advice. These people know exactly how to perform the move, so whatever type of item you want to relocate, they will know what to do. Just have them in your team, and they will provide you with their services accordingly.

Moving boxes.
Now, when you are aware of prohibited and restricted items you should not bring along when moving to Saudi Arabia, you will be ready for the packing process!

When you do your homework

As soon as you learn how to get ready for this transition, you won’t have anything to worry about. Even if you are not sure what to bring along, hire some movers to guide you or take care of packing instead of you. Just focus on something else like things people forget when moving. Or think about how you will get ready for the relocating day, or how you will adapt to the new environment or whatever else.

In the end, moving to Saudi Arabia will be a great experience. Even though it requires some time to organize it, it will be worth it. To make it easier, make sure to respect their list of prohibited and restricted items so you can prepare for the move accordingly.

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