Risks of opting for a cheap storage 

When every you are cleaning your home or moving, you need a reliable storage unit. It can save you space in your home, and the most crucial usage is to protect your stuff. However, many people like to save money on storage units. Saving money on a storage unit is a bad idea. We are here to explain the risks of opting for a cheap storage. 

Damage by temperature fluctuation is first on our list of risks of opting for a cheap storage 

Saving money on storage is tempting. However, if your items get ruined, all of your savings will be gone. The first risk is temperature damage. Many household items like leather furniture and artwork are sensitive to changes in temperature. For example, your family photos can get worn out, and furniture can get cracked and discolored. It is crucial to get a climate-controlled unit to protect your items from changes in the weather. And make sure to maintain your storage unit

white and grey thermostat
A climate-controlled unit can monitor the temperature.

Risk of damage from moisture 

Another risk for your household items is humidity. Moisture in the air can ruin many of your belongings. Wooden furniture can not handle high moisture environments. High humidity can make wood furniture wrap and get moldy. It can also loosen the adhesive that keeps the furniture together. And the worst-case scenario of saving money on a storage unit is rot. After a period, your wooden furniture will start rooting, and it will cost a ton of money to repair it. In addition, it will never look the same. If your storage is a mess, read the best storage organization ideas for beginners. Besides wooden furniture, moisture will ruin your books, artwork, musical instruments, and many more household items. 

Security is third on our list of risks of opting for a cheap storage

The third risk of a cheap storage unit is your items getting stolen. The more affordable storage unit does not have security systems or security guards. For a lower price, you should not expect security. They can not invest money into any protection. Cheap storage is probably outside and has no one watching over it. However, if you pay extra for storage, you can get an inside storage unit and a proper security system. The security system can include cameras watching your storage unit and a guard. So one of our pro tips is to spend time looking for a storage facility with reliable security. 

security cameras on gray wall
One of the risks of opting for a cheap storage is the security.


The final risk in our article about risks of opting for a cheap storage is accessibility. With a low-cost storage unit, you can not get your stuff out whenever you desire. A company that provides cheap storage can not pay a man to be there any time of the day. You will have to schedule when you are going to get your items out. If you spend a little bit more, you can get your stuff whenever you want. 




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