How to maintain your storage unit?

Knowing how to maintain your storage unit is very important. After all, that is where you are keeping your belongings. You don’t want them to get ruined in any way as you are paying to rent a storage unit. And storage units easily get dirty and messy if you don’t take proper care of them. We decided to give you some tips that will help you maintain your storage unit clean and tidy with just a little bit of effort and time.

How to keep the pests away?

The key to keeping your storage clean and safe is to keep the pests away. Pests are considered to be mice, rats, and bugs. To keep them away you will have to purchase some stuff:

  • bug-killing spray
  • mouse traps
  • mouse poison
mouse trap that might help to manage and maintain your storage unit properly
Keep the mice away with mouse traps.

You can find these almost anywhere and they don’t cost a lot of money at all. While your storage is still empty, make sure you spray it with bug-killing spray in the corners and at the entrance of the storage unit. This won’t keep them 100% away but it will help. As for the mouse traps and poison, put them after you’ve loaded your belongings inside. This way you won’t hurt yourself accidentally. And you will easily figure out where to put them. It’s best to put them near the entrance and in the corners, the same as the bug-killing spray.

How to keep the mold away?

As for the mold, you will have to get an air humidifier. This will help a lot with regulating the humidity of the air inside your storage unit.

mold on a wall
You want your storage mold-free.

Visit your storage unit often

After you hire the best possible storage company, make sure you visit your storage unit often, at least once or twice a month. This way you will keep the air inside your storage fresh and clean. And if anything goes wrong you will notice it just in time and it won’t be too late to fix the problem. When you visit your storage unit, prepare yourself for some cleaning.

The key to the organization of the storage unit is to keep the dust away. And dust is something you can’t keep away no matter what you do. And having a lot of dust where you keep your belongings can cause health issues for you and your family once you decide to bring something from the storage unit home. The best thing to clean the dust is to use a cloth and go over everything. A good way to keep the dust from direct contact with your belongings is to buy foil or some sort of a cover and put it over your belongings.

Plastic boxes will always be a better option for storage units so invest some money in those. Vacuum bags for clothing are the best solution for keeping your clothes as good as new and without unpleasant smells that might come from the storage unit.

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