7 reasons why New Yorkers love Delaware

Moving from one state to another has been very common for decades. People relocate for plenty of reasons, some are good and some not so much. Both the elderly and young people take on this task and decide to move from one state to another. Some are looking for more affordable housing, mostly elderly people in retirement. Young people are moving for the possible job opportunities that are out there. There are also people moving in order to find a place for a perfect life with their family such as in a small coastal town. Either way, moving from one state to another is possible and can be made very easy. One of the things we have noticed is that New Yorkers love Delaware.

Delaware is a very underrated state we believe. It has plenty of qualities which is why a lot of New Yorkers decide to relocate just there. If you have been thinking of leaving New York for a better place, Delaware is the state to consider. If you are not certain just why this is so, we are here to tell you the seven reasons and things New Yorkers love about Delaware. 

Its affordability 

Since we all know just how expensive New York is, we can assume that there are a lot of people moving in order to live a less money-oriented life. One of the reasons why New Yorkers love Delaware is just that – how affordable it is. This doesn’t just go for things such as groceries, cinemas, and other things you generally spend your money on. This goes for taxes and housing as well. 

Delaware house.
Housing is not only affordable but amazing as well.

A lot of New Yorkers decide to move to Delaware because of affordable housing. You will be shocked to find out that the typical home value in Delaware is around $318,000. This is very affordable when you compare this to the average of $1,000,000 in New York. Not many people can afford it right away but it is much easier to pay off a $300,000 loan than a million. 

If looking to invest in a home, do so in Delaware. Superior Moving & Storage can assist with relocation. Even if you decide to have a local move in Delaware, these are the people to call. 

The scenic beauty of Delaware 

Have in mind that affordability is not the main reason why a lot of New Yorkers love Delaware. New Yorkers are known for enjoying spending time outside in nature, especially people who live in New York City. When you do not have something so easily at reach, it becomes one of your favorite things. 

And this is exactly what living in Delaware allows you to do – spend a lot of time outside in nature. Delaware is one of the most beautiful states when it comes to nature and scenery. There are plenty of mountains that are perfect for camping, hiking, biking, bird watching, and plenty of other things. There are also rivers and lakes where during the summer you can swim and do all sorts of water activities. And all of these places are beautiful. This is just what makes a town a family-friendly town – the things you are able to do there in your free time. 

Scenic beauty Delaware.
Delaware is beautiful no matter where you go.

It is a coastal state 

The fact that Delaware is a coastal state is what a lot of New Yorkers love as New York is a coastal state as well. A lot of people say that Delaware reminds them of some more laid-back parts of New York which is why they decide to relocate there. No matter what your reason for moving to Delaware is, it will be an easy process to handle if you decide to hire professional movers. Finding assistance is quite simple nowadays but you have to do enough research on the company online before hiring them. 

The coastal towns are a reason to love Delaware 

The beaches here are clean and beautiful which is why a lot of people move to the coastal towns in Delaware. Mostly the elderly that are moving for retirement. Delaware is the perfect place to retire in, especially if moving to a coastal town. Coastal towns of Delaware are not big, they are small and safe. People are very friendly and welcoming towards newcomers but especially New Yorkers as there are plenty of them moving from New York to Delaware. 


Coastal towns are worth visiting if not moving there.

Tax advantages 

A reason alone is certain tax advantages Delaware has. The country’s lowest real estate tax rates are in Delaware. Also, the low-income tax rates of a maximum of 6.6% are what is attracting a lot of businessmen to Delaware. And a lot of them are starting their businesses here as the market is not saturated and there are plenty of opportunities here. If you like shopping (and who doesn’t), you will be thrilled to find out that Delaware is one of the five states in the country that has 0% sales tax. High tax rates are why a lot of people are leaving NYC.

Great education options 

A lot of people with children are moving from New York to Delaware as it has some amazing schools. There are both middle and high schools here that are some of the best in the country. Your children will be able to learn through modern learning techniques if living in Delaware. There are some good universities here as well. 

Art is very appreciated in Delaware 

As you have been living in New York up till now, you are probably a huge fan of a certain type of art. A lot of people love art galleries, some are movie lovers, but most are fans of good music. All of this you can find in Delaware easily. There are so many places you can go and look at local artist’s work, listen to live jazz, or see an amazing play. This is another reason to move to Delaware with children.

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