How to Disassemble a Pool Table

When relocating, one of the toughest tasks is packing your belongings and then transferring them to your new home. The packing process needs to be handled efficiently and carefully. If you pack strategically, you will not only ensure that everything will be moved with ease but you will also simplify the overall unpacking process. On the other hand, larger items might require you to put them apart for easier transfer. For example, if you dismantle a pool table properly, it will be a lot easier to move it out of your home. Continue reading as we’ll share some of our tips on how to disassemble a pool table.


As we mentioned above, sometimes disassembling your furniture and home items is the way to go. It simplifies the packing process and it is easier to carry out of your current home and moving into your new home. Moreover, sometimes you can’t carry a larger item through the door anyways. This is when you need to consider taking it apart. It is important that, for example, when you disassemble a pool table that you do it properly. Knowing how to correctly pull it apart is important so that you can put it back together later on.

disassemble a pool table
Pulling apart your pool table prior to relocating will make it easier to move.

Disassemble a Pool Table 101

You might think that disassembling a pool table is difficult, but it actually isn’t as hard as it seems. Although a pool table is large and heavy, if you know what you are doing when pulling it apart, it is easy to move. The proper way to dismantle a pool table requires you to follow five simple steps. If you can ensure to do all five, you will be able to move your pool table in no time.

The 5 Steps

The first step to disassemble a pool table is to remove the staples from the pockets located underneath it. For this step, simply make sure to have a staple remover. If you don’t, you can substitute it with a flathead screwdriver as well. Once you take out the staples, you can pack the pockets away.

Next, time to remove the side rail. In order to do so, you first need to take out the bolts that hold it. Once you remove these bolts, the rail simply lifts up.

Then, the felt, or the colored fabric needs to come off next. This might be the one step that requires more caution. The felt is either lightly glued to the surface or stapled. Therefore, before you attempt to pull it off, inspect it first and then proceed slowly.

disassemble a pool table
Disassembling a pool table needs to be handled with care and caution.

Furthermore, the slate also needs to be handled with care. Any damage to it can literally make the pool table unusable. As you would have removed the felt previously, it will be easier to inspect the slate and see if it is one big piece or 3 smaller ones.

Last but not least, remove the legs off the table.

Time to Move

Now that you are able to disassemble a pool table, time to pack it up, store it temporarily,¬†and relocate. All in all, focus on pulling the pool table apart with caution. This way you can ensure that there’s no damage and you can continue using it once you move.

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