Post-move-in deep cleaning checklist

You have just completed your DIY move. However, the work is not finished yet. Your new house has been lived in. And to get the feel of the other people that were living there you need to clean it. To help you get all the stains and gunk out, we have a post-move-in deep cleaning checklist. Let’s begin.

​Cleaning supplies should be on your post-move in deep cleaning checklist

Before we can get to work, we need the tools, the equipment to make out house shine:

  • Any post-move-in deep cleaning checklist should recommend you get rubber gloves. This job is going to be filthy, and you do not want to use bare hands.

  • Rags, old towels, scrubbing brushes, mops, steel wire.

  • Buckets and appropriate mops and accessories.

  • Soap, degreaser, a mixture of half vinegar and half water.

When you got all of these items, we can start to do the hard work.

​Cleaning the kitchen

Let’s begin with the kitchen. The toughest part of cleaning the kitchen is the appliances. For the stovetop, you should use the degreaser to get all of the grease stains out. And be careful because degreaser can damage your skin, use rubber gloves.

an image of a kitchen
This post-move-in deep cleaning checklist recommends cleaning the kitchen appliances

When it comes to the dishwasher if there is food stuck in it, get rid of it. Finally, run an empty cycle. Clean the inside of the fridge with vinegar and water, because you will be putting food inside it. Make everything shine is a must, especially if you are moving with kids, they can be sensitive to uncleanliness.

​Cleaning the living room and the bedroom is a must on a post move in deep cleaning checklist

We have put the living room and the bedroom together because they are pretty straightforward to clean. You need to get rid of the dust. Dusting it with a duster is an option. But since we are deep cleaning, here is what you should do. Grab a nice clean rag and spray it with vinegar and water, then with the rag, clean all the surfaces you can reach. For the higher places, the duster will suffice.

an image of a blue living room
Dusting is the main job in the living room


The bathroom is the final room on or deep cleaning checklist because it is the hardest to clean. Ironically, the room we do the filthiest things must be the cleanest. Grab your glove and vinegar and water and spray everything down. For persistent stains, use special solutions. Make sure everything is sparkling when you are done.


When you have cleaned all of the rooms, the last thing on your post-move-in deep cleaning checklist is to scrub the flowers down. You always do the floor last because you need to move around while cleaning. And remember, you can always hire professional cleaners to do the job for you. No one knows better how to clean and disinfect a home. And, you will get your peace of mind and extra time to spend on other tasks and duties.

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