Guide to moving kitchen appliances to your new apartment

It’s no secret that packing the kitchen takes a lot of time. However, this room’s difficulty level is high due to a large number of breakable and irregularly shaped objects. Research on informative websites and blogs is key when moving. That’s why this guide to moving kitchen appliances to your new apartment will be helpful!


Firstly, get into a “must-take” mentality. Chipped goods and useless devices are common in kitchens, which is why they tend to accumulate there. Pull out anything from the back of your cabinets and drawers that you haven’t touched or used in the last year. Only sentimental objects can be spared.

When it comes to broken china and glasses, either throw them away or recycle them. The same goes for outdated cleaning supplies collecting cobwebs under the sink, or anything you wouldn’t want to re-use soon.

A white kitchen
While you are preparing your kitchen for a move, use the opportunity to declutter!

Bring in the packaging supplies when you finish the sorting of your kitchen. Here’s the headline: Packing paper is your greatest ally when you are moving kitchen appliances to your new apartment and it will help you avoid common packing mistakes. The ink from printed and used newspapers may stain your clothes and other items. When it comes to packing, heavier paper is better for protection and buffering between goods. It’s also your best defense against breakage.

Take extra care when packing stemware and other fragile items

Preparing your fragile stemware might give you a little more. Then, you may position them between cardboard dividers that slide into your moving boxes to prevent them from rubbing against one another during transit, in addition to wrapping them individually.

In the box, it’s best not to put anything on top of your stemware. Be sure to fill them up with as much paper as possible, and designate it delicately with an upward-pointing arrow.
Make sure to use a lot of packing paper or bubble wrap for objects with unusual shapes, such as porcelain teapots.

How to pack your kitchen appliances

When transporting small and medium-sized kitchen appliances to your new apartment, it’s preferable to pack them in boxes that will keep them from moving about. It’s a good idea to unplug any expensive or unusually shaped appliances ahead of time and prepare them for shipment by taping down moving components and removing any attachments, then wrapping them in packing paper to protect them once they’re inside the box.

Four small kitchen appliances
When packing smaller appliances, you should pack them in boxes that will not allow them to move too much.

Take more time for larger appliances if they need to be disconnected from gas or water mains. It is still necessary to defrost and clean refrigerators, even if you are leaving them behind. For those who are bringing their fridges with them, they should also be empty on moving day.

Once the bigger objects have been removed from the wall, your movers will remove them for you, as long as they have been unplugged. When moving kitchen appliances, pack everything else, such as cookbooks, dish racks, and baking pans, according to standard packing rules. The most common tip is putting heavier goods at the bottom of the box and lighter ones at the top.

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