Apps that can help you organize a local move in Brooklyn

When moving, there are a lot of things to keep in check. Getting everything done is hard, and it can make you lose your mind. Doing every aspect of the move right and not forgetting stuff can be tasking. In addition, there is a lot of labor, and you have to stay safe and not hurt yourself while performing moving tasks. However, do not fret. Some things can help you with your move. To make your move easier – there are apps that can help you organize a local move in Brooklyn.

The first on our list of app that can help you organize a local move in Brooklyn is Google Keep

Everybody knows that you should plan your move and to help you do that, Google Keep is a great tool. Let’s go into the benefits of Google Keep:

  • The first benefit of Google Keep is that it is free, and that is why we think this is one of the best apps that can help you organize a local move in Brooklyn.

  • The second benefit of Google Keep is that you can get it on any device. It is available on your Windows desktop, Android, and iOS.

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Google keep is one of the apps that can help you organize a local move in Brooklyn

Now that we know why you should get the app let’s get into the features that can help you with organizing your move:

  • There are many options for taking notes in this application. For example text notes, lists, audio notes, and image notes.

  • To prevent you from falling off your schedule, you can set reminders for tasks that you can tick off your checklist when you finish them.

  • Voice recordings will be transcribed.

  • You can use different colors to make your notes more organized.

As you can see, Google Keep is a powerful tool for planning a successful move.


Yelp is a useful application when it comes to finding the right movers in your area. Let’s see what you should choose Yelp to find your movers:

  • Yelp is free.

  • It is available on every device. You can get the app for an Android device or your iPhone. When it comes to desktops, you can access their website on the internet on Mac computers and Windows computers.

  • Yelp is a reviewing platform which is why it helps find movers. Companies are rate in starts, from one to five. You can also leave written reviews. Trust us. You can probably trust these reviews. People on Yelp can be ruthless when reviewing and also extremely positive if they like a company.

an image of a type writer with a piece of paper that says review
You can get honest reviews on Yelp

When you find a desirable moving company and need storage, There is an excellent option for your items. Whenever you have a surplus of belongings getting good storage bins will save you from worrying about your belongings.

The third on our list of apps that can help you organize a local move in Brooklyn is MoveAdvisor

The first app on the list that specializes in moving and it has many features that help find movers and execute a move.

  • Again this app is free.

  • You can get this app on any mobile device, on phones running Androids OS, and on iOS.

  • It allows you to create an inventory, and there are many reasons why you should create an inventory before packing for your move.

  • You can have a moving timeline that spans weeks.

  • It can find movers with favorable reviews in your area.

  • And the icing on the cake, you can get moving quotes on it.


Unpakt is another powerful app to help you with your relocation. It has exciting features:

  • It allows you to compare prices and reviews of moving companies

  • You can update your moving plan in real-time

  • And with it, you can contact your moving company directly and ask them for whatever you need. Remember to ask them about packing supplies because the right material is a must. If your packing supplies are not durable, your whole move can break apart because your items will break during transportation. To avoid that, get sturdy and high-quality moving materials.

On the desktop, you can use their sites. When it comes to phones, it is available on Android and iPhone. However, it seems that the app performs better on iOS devices.

The fifth app on our list of apps that can help you organize a local move in Brooklyn is Sortly

Sortly or the full name Sortly Inventory Made Easy is an inventory app. You can get it for free on Android, iPhone, and desktop devices. With Sortly, you can access your list on any device and update them on the go. The free version will suffice for a simple local Brooklyn move. However, if you need to plan something more complex, you can choose the premium option to get more entries.

an image of a man holding a pen over note book
Sortly can help you create list that you can access from anywhere

The final app on the list of apps that can help you organize a local move in Brooklyn is Offer up

Now Offer up is not a moving app. But an app for selling your items. Whenever somebody moves, they try and get rid of unwanted things. If you have something of value, you can put it on Offer up and earn some money from it. The app is free. It is on Android and iPhone. When you have decluttered your home and sold your items on Offer up, you will need packing supplies to start your move got you covered. They have a substantial selection of moving supplies that will meet your every need.

The end

We hope that we’ve chosen good apps that can help you organize a local move in Brooklyn. Good luck with your relocation!

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