Tips for finding a roommate in NYC

When you want to live in New York City but your budget does not allow you to do so, then the perfect solution is a roommate. This way both you and your roommate will have to opportunity to live in NYC and not only that but you will be able to find and rent a more expensive-larger apartment. In the sea of other things that is why finding a roommate in NYC is a good idea for you. You will need to mentally prepare for leaving Florida and moving to NYC so you do not get shocked when you relocate but rather know what to expect.

Ask friends and family

First, you need to do is ask everyone you know about people they know. To be more precise you will need to ask them if they know anybody that is planning to move to New York City or is there already.

People talking about finding a roommate in NYC
When you are trying to find a roommate for NYC. The perfect start is to ask friends and family if they know someone.

Maybe they want a roommate to ease some rent fees or they are moving there like you. Either way, you need to ask about it and you will maybe get lucky and find a roommate and avoid mistakes you can make when moving by yourself. So you move like a pro and do not make blunders.

Internet is your friend when you are finding a roommate in NYC

If asking your friends and family did not work for you. Internet will be your friend when you want to find a roommate in NYC. You can post on your social media. For example, FaceBook, Instagram, etc. So maybe someone decides to move in with you or knows someone that is also trying to find a roommate.

You also have a lot of apps that are designed especially for finding roommates when you need them. Before going to Craiglist you need to see if any other is useful. Visit Capital City Movers NYC when you find an apartment so they can help you move to the new location.

Man finding a roommate in NYC
Internet will give you a lot of options to find yourself a roommate. Take advantage of that tool

Have supplies for moving

When moving you need to have the necessary supplies. This will include boxes, tapes, markers. When you have the right material your move will be a lot easier. That is one of the reasons that people hire experts for this. They will help you out with packing and moving your belongings to your apartment in New York City. Professionals will do this without breaking a sweat because they have a lot of experience in doing this so it is second nature to them.

Your only job will be to hire them and watch how it is done. You will take a lot of stress from your shoulders by doing this also your belongings will be in your new apartment in no time. And you probably want to get to the apartment as soon as possible. You can when you hire professionals to do the hard part.

Packing supplies for moving
You will need to have packing supplies if you plan to move. Or just hire professionals who will offer you supplies

Sing an agreement with your roommate

When you both move into the apartment make sure to sign an agreement with your new roommate. This will protect you if down the road they become someone that you do not want to live with. In the agreement should be stated what are the rules of living in the apartment. For example, when you can bring company, what are your responsibilities, etc. People often let their guard down when a couple of months pass by.

Then you will see their true colors. If they are not someone you want to live with or even worse are not comfortable with them. Then the agreement will fix that by showing that they did not follow it so therefore they need to move out. Before you get your paperwork to try talking to them and see if that fixes the problem.

Find someone similar to you

New York is a big city. So it is not a big surprise that people in NYC are very diverse. You will need to find someone similar to yourself because that way both of you will feel more comfortable. You will need someone that is open-minded like yourself. It can be very difficult to live with someone that does not view important things like you.

Singing an agreement with your roommate
You need to sign an agreement with your roommate. This will be good for the both of you

They do not have to be a copy of you but rather have similar interests, hobbies, views on life. And who knows. Maybe you will find your best friend for life this way. There are a few tips for a DIY move from California to New York that you need to know while moving. So the whole process will be easier for you.

Finding a roommate in NYC can be both stressful and fun

The whole process of finding a roommate can be very stressful because you can get into your head with negative thoughts. What if I don’t find anyone or even worse they are not good to live with? But more than not you will see that everything will come to place. You will find your roommate in NYC. Which you can enjoy this city with. And if you don’t find them from the first try don’t be discouraged. You will get them eventually.

You will meet a lot of different people while you are going through the process of finding a roommate in NYC. Not to mention you will have a lot of fun stories to tell to your friends and family. If you are moving to NYC for business then you need to see this checklist to follow during corporate relocation. So you know what to look out for, not to mention expectations from the relocation.

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