Tips for finding the best coworking space in Manhattan

Coworking spaces are becoming more popular than ever. Freelancers, startups, IT professionals are choosing them to get away from home and coffee places. Everyone has their preferences, when it comes to ideal working space to help you, we have tips for finding the best coworking space in Manhattan.

If you are relocating to NYC¬† and don’t know where to get a coworking space, Manhattan is a great choice. Manhattan is the center of the Big Apples and a business hub. You will be able to network with people in the same industry that you are in and expand your business. However, the downside of Manhattan is that the office spaces are insanely expensive. Because of the high price of office space, you should find a coworking space that fits your needs.

1. First on our list of tips for finding the best coworking space in Manhattan is to make sure you can afford it

Searching for a coworking space for yourself or your business is a difficult process before you jump in, you should decide how much you are spending. How much you are willing to spend depends on your earnings, so you should align your spending to your earnings. Three things will affect the price of your coworking space:

  • Another one of our tips for finding the best coworking space in Manhattan is to see how many employees you have. The price of the coworking space may vary based on the number of employees.
  • The second thing that will affect how much you spend on the coworking space is the size.
  • The last thing and the one that will set you back the most in terms of cost is location. Even though we are looking for a coworking space in Manhattan, some neighborhoods are less expensive.

Now that you have seen what will affect the price of renting out an office space. Make sure to budget so that you can afford everything.

an image of money
If you pay more you will get a better-shared office

2. Space matters

As we have mentioned before, the amount of space you need to rent out will affect the price of your coworking space in Manhattan. But why do you need enough space? Well, if you are a small company, you might need space for different things. For example, your employees will need to have their privacy so that they can execute their tasks on an optimum level.

You might want to discuss your business strategies, for that you will need a meeting room. Maybe you have special equipment that you need to bring into your office and need space for it. However, if you can’t fit everything in the coworking space a good moving company has a place for all excessive items. They can store your office supplies in a safe place so that your items don’t get damaged. A lot of space is also helpful if you don’t want to be bothered by others renting the same coworking space.

3. Third on our list of tips for finding the best working space in Manhattan is location

Getting a perfect location for your business is crucial because it can affect many things in your business. Maybe you have just gone a corporate relocation to New York and need a coworking space until your main office is set up, or you are just a small start-up. No matter what, a good location is essential. Now, when we say good location it does not mean in the best part of Manhattan. It means a location that will meet your and your employee’s needs. Get a location that your business can afford. Ask your employees what would be the best place to rent a coworking space, depending on where they live. If you are flexible, your employees will be grateful to you. Additionally, if they don’t have to commute for a long time, it might boost their morale and improve productivity.

an image of a map with pins in it for finding the best coworking space in Manhattan
Getting an appropriate location is one of our tips for finding the best coworking space in Manhattan

4. Check it out

Before committing to a coworking space in Manhattan, you should test it. Ask the company that rents out co-working space if you can try a location for a week to see if you and your employees like it. An office might look very desirable at first glance. But as time goes on, cracks might begin to show. For example:

  • The other people renting the coworking space might be noisy
  • There might be a lot of noise outside.

Staying in a coworking space minimum of a week before committing is a good tip that you should follow. When a place has passed the first-week test, you need someone to help you move some stuff in your coworking space consider They are local New York movers with a lot of experience in commercial moving. Getting your office set up is not a problem for them, they will do it in no time.

5. The fifth on our list of tips for finding the best coworking space in Manhattan is to see if the place has good internet

In this day and age, no business can run its operations without good internet. Before getting a coworking space you have to check their internet:

  • The first thing you should is how much is their download speed
  • The second thing is how much is their upload speed
  • The final thing is to check if the internet is secure and stable, so you don’t lose any business because of a bad internet connection.
an image of a white and blue light on bard bacground
Speed is the most important thing when it comes to the internet

6. Food, snacks, and beverages

The last on our list of tips for finding the best coworking space in Manhattan is to see if the office has food and beverages. You are getting a coworking space for your business because you are living on a budget, so you can not afford any food and drinks for your employees. A good coworking office will have them and it will cost you less.

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