5 reasons to move your NYC business to Los Angeles

There are many reasons to move your business. They are all valid, and we will show you here 5 common reasons to move your NYC business to Los Angeles. But before we do that, let’s talk more about the magic place called Los Angeles. This is the IT epicenter of the world, but on the other side of the city are the most famous people in the world. This is a mixture of amazing beaches and chill life combined with movie stars, Hollywood glamour, and the top of the beauty industry. The question is why wouldn’t you want to move your business here?

Growing tech scene

IT crowd loves this city and it’s growing more and more each day. California as a state is known to be an IT epicenter so if you are in this line of work you should be where all the big IT companies are in order to fit in and learn from the best. Hopefully, you will be amongst them one day.

Los Angeles is more affordable

You need to understand one thing – LA is not a cheap or affordable city. But comparing it to NYC, yes it’s more affordable. You shouldn’t expect to find an office space for a reasonable price but it will be lower than what you are used to. Saving little by little each year can add up to be a lot by the end of the fiscal year so this is definitely one of the reasons to move your NYC business to Los Angeles. You will be saving some money and you are still working from the hot spot.

A person putting a coin in a piggy bank thus symbolizing one of the reasons to move your NYC business to Los Angeles.
Saving little by little add up to be a lot in a few years and maybe you will be able to expand your business.

Office space

Finding an office space is becoming really hard nowadays. This is simply basic math. There is too much demand and not enough supply. So you can expect each year to be more expensive and harder to find. The situation in LA is better so you are more likely to find the perfect fit office-wise in LA than in NYC.

Better lifestyle

People in LA statistically lead a better lifestyle. If you are wondering how that affects work-life, the answer is simply – VERY. Just think about people working in your office with you. Do you want them to be grumpy or do you want them to feel good? So as you can see this is also a factor to consider and after all you to will be living here if this is where you will be moving your business too. No more gloomy rainy or cold days for you.

The weather is one of the reasons to move your NYC business to Los Angeles

For some businesses, the weather is an important factor. NYC can be really harsh during the winter. Los Angeles is sunny and warm all year round. It’s also located on some of the most amazing beaches which is just a bonus. But for restaurant owners or coffee shop owners what can be a more perfect location?

Los Angeles palm trees
This city is known to have great weather just as they have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Moving your NYC business to Los Angeles

Relocating your office is never easy. That’s why people don’t do this serious job on their own. It might be best to simply hire professional movers like losangelestransfer.com ┬áto do this for you. You can leave all the heavy lifting to the professionals and focus on more important things you have ahead of you like planning and preparing for your new office space.

Moving important paperwork

You can leave all the packing to movers but, some things you should do by yourself. Preparing and packing confidential paperwork is one of those things. First, you want to sort all your important documents. Then you can pack some of those if you want in those small portable safes. That way you will ensure all the paperwork is packed correctly and relocated safe and sound.

Additional help (storage)

Renting additional storage is a very common thing. Sometimes you just need some extra room to leave your belongings. Before you decide on certain storage consider the items you have for storing. Sometimes temperature or climate-controlled storage is the best option especially if you have electronics to store.

storage facilities
Research all kinds of storage units you can get and then you will be able to decide what suits you and your needs best.

Additional help (legal) for your NYC business

You are still relocating your NYC business to another state so it might be smart to hire a lawyer to help you out with all the legal things you need to do before relocating. Here is a list you might be needing legal help with :

  • getting insured
  • obtaining licenses and permits
  • registering your California business
  • setting up funding, accounting, etc

Of course, many companies already have a lawyer working for them so if you have one, you are ready to go. It’s important to have all your papers sorted and licensed filed in time.

The stress of relocating your NYC business to another state

This is a real thing and relocations are very stressful. Even ordinary ones. Because there is simply way too much stuff that needs to be done in order to relocate people hire professional movers to help them out. This is the only way to make this move less stressful. So don’t hesitate and call them. Of course, ask for a moving estimate right away. You need to plan your budget ahead since this will be a company expanse.

They can also help you out with unpacking or you can hire separate, local movers to help you out with unpacking and settling in. This is a very common occurrence. Especially if you already have plans on using storage in LA. If you personally still feel very overwhelmed try using those apps for relaxation. They can help you to breathe properly, with meditation and sleeping better. Use all the help available.

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