3 checklists to follow during corporate relocation

An organized, thorough, and carefully created plan is the key to a successful corporate move. Without a comprehensive plan, your business move can instantly transform into chaos where you’ll end p losing time and money. But, with these 3 checklists to follow during corporate relocation you can ensure a smooth and stress-free move.

An inventory checklist – One of the 3 to follow during a corporate relocation 

A great way to prevent feeling overwhelmed with a corporate move is to make an inventory checklist. There are many reasons why you should create an inventory before packing for a move. This is a list where you’ll narrow down the number of things you plan to relocate. So, go through your office supplies, inventory, and items. It will give you a clear picture of how many items you have. 

Moving Checklist with items
Use these checklists during corporate relocation.

Then, decide what will stay in your new office and what can go. Every item you plan to declutter needs to be separated and not included in your inventory checklist. You can consider donating or selling those items. Don’t rush this process and take your time to do it right. 

Follow a packing checklist

Packing is usually the most overwhelming part of a corporate move. It’s a big job, but if you plan it carefully, you’ll make it much easier. To stay organized while the move is approaching you should create and follow a packing checklist. It’s important to know that you should start packing as early as possible. Ideally, 6-8 weeks ahead of your move. The goal here is to finish packing before the moving day. 

The first thing here is to make a moving and packing: checklist of essential supplies. Here are a few of the essentials you’ll need:

  • Sturdy boxes in various sizes.
  • Packing paper and bubble cover.
  • Tape.
  • Furniture protection.
  • Markers.

Another thing to follow in your packing checklist is to pack one room at a time. It will help you keep everything together and make the unpacking process much easier.

And when it comes to packing electronics, try to put them up in their original boxes in case you still have them. If you don’t, make sure you wrap them securely with blankets and padding. Then, put them in boxes with lots of extra padding.

Next step to follow during corporate relocation – Find reliable corporate movers

Moving business isn’t an easy job. There is just too much to plan and think about. But, the good news is that you can make the whole process a lot easier. All you need to do is to find good corporate movers. So, the next checklist to follow during corporate relocation is the checklist for hiring reliable movers. Here’s how to do that.

Office Desk and chairs
Find reliable movers to help you perform a corporate relocation.


First, check the movers’ reliability. So, make sure you do thorough research before hiring. Check how long are they in the business, and do they have a license to operate. Then, when you find reliable movers ask for a binding estimate. The next step is to ask them everything you need to know. For example, what services they offer, do they have insurance, do they have storage. There are 5 reasons why businesses need commercial storage, so it’s helpful if your movers offer this service. 

Preparation is everything

When planning a corporate relocation, make sure you follow the tips above and prepare for a stress-free experience. So, ask all the relevant questions, do research, and budget on time and in detail.

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