Best Bronx areas to open a dance studio

Do you look for the best Bronx areas to open a dance studio because dance is your passion and you want to share it? Yes, there are some great dance studios in the Bronx already. If you want to make this step, one of the first things to do is to research the area.

Why the Bronx?

The Bronx is a borough of New York City with a population of about 1.5 million. It offers residents a dense urban feel and there are a lot of bars, clubs, restaurants, and parks. Many people will say that NYC is not for families, but the Bronx is and many families live here. It is safe, public schools are highly rated, and it has plenty of family-friendly amenities.

A dance studio.
A dance studio should be a place where to have fun, dance, and enjoy

The median rent per month, if you are going to live here is $1,250 which is very affordable for NYC. 80% of people here rent a place, the rest of them are homeowners. The unemployment rate here is 15.3% and the median income is $35,000. Life here is different from life in Manhattan or Brooklyn. The Bronx is like a separate city, and it is special and unique. It is a good place where you can start a business.

How to open a dance studio?

The Bronx is more affordable than the rest of NYC boroughs. If you want to find a cheap apartment in NYC, research the Bronx. Yes, location is a huge factor, but you also need to know how to start a dance studio. Be prepared, not only financially. Owning a business is a big challenge. Here are some steps to follow in order to open a dance studio in the Bronx.

  • Create a business plan. Yes, one of the things to do is to create a moving plan, but that comes after creating a business plan. Analyze the market in the Bronx, create a budget, write a company description, explore the competitions, find something to be unique, etc.
  • Prepare for many roles you will take on. Dance studio manager, mentor, business owner, entrepreneur…You can do some of the jobs, but not all of them. Hire staff and gather a team of reliable people.
  • Build a name in your community. Work on the marketing and make sure everyone knows about your studio. Offer dance services to local schools and gyms, give discounts, advertise for your classes at nearby businesses, etc.
  • Set up your studio. Flooring, mirrors, ballet barres, and sound systems are the most important things. Also, decorate it to look stylish and nice.

The list of the Bronx areas to open a dance studio

Location is the most important factor when starting a business where clients need to come. Hire a local real estate agent in the Bronx with the experience and you will find a perfect place for your new dance studio. It should be in a busy place, trendy and nice. Here are some of the Bronx areas to open a dance studio. Of course, information on may help you with the relocation, but the rest is on you.

A view of the Bronx areas to open a dance studio.
The Bronx is often underestimated, but it is growing fast and it has a lot to offer

Of course, visit them and explore by yourself. It is not enough just to read about them.

  • Riverdale – this place has great private schools and it is known for it. But, it is not only a neighborhood for families, it has something for everyone. Riverdale is one of the Bronx areas to open a dance studio because it is vibrant and at the same time good for kids.
  • Kingsbridge – it is located south of Riverdale but it is more affordable. The charming place attracts young people to come and live here, which is a great opportunity for you.
  • Pelham Bay – two words describe this place, diversity and green space. It is named for the popular and large park on its northeastern border. The architecture is nice, it has quaint brick and wood-frame houses and the area has a unique mix of urban and suburban-style.
  • Fordham – many students live here which is a great situation for you. Buildings are being renovated and the neighborhood is booming but you might need extra commercial storage space for your belongings.
  • Concourse – this neighborhood is centered around the historic district. It is a mix of Tudor, Beaux-Arts, and Art Deco-style. The proximity to the subway and to Manhattan is a big advantage.

If you are considering moving to the Bronx too, not only moving your business, prepare and organize a home relocation. Get help with your residential relocation from moving professionals with experience. Move in stress-free with experts’ help that already know this area. Local movers should be the best choice for your Bronx relocation. Besides transportation services, you can hire packing services too, so you will handle this relocation like a pro. 

Moving your items to a dance studio in the Bronx

When opening a dance studio, a good organization is key. Dance studios have a lot of equipment you need to move and also, instruments. Usually, they have pianos. You can’t move pianos without professional help because they have the knowledge and all the right equipment for moving a large and big piano. Also, specialized teams should handle this with ease. Not only moving your piano but also, the rest of the equipment. Make sure you don’t damage your items during the relocation and accomplish that by hiring a good and reliable moving company from this area.

A girl dancing.
Prepare your dance studio for new students

Business relocation is not cheap, but you can always find some ways to save money. Also, negotiating with movers is one of the ways and hiring them a couple of months before.

A few last notes

After exploring the Bronx areas to open a dance studio, make sure your studio is fully equipped and ready for new students. Spread a word and work on the studio’s marketing. The goal is to have more and more students and to have more work. The Bronx is a good place to start this type of business.

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