Is shared accommodation right for you? Let’s find out

Shared accommodation is when renters share specific spaces in the property usually a living room, kitchen, and sometimes a bedroom. Did you ever have a roommate before? If you are living in NYC, you are probably familiar with that, but if you are going to move to NYC soon – keep in mind that many people here live with a roommate(s). The main reason is the expensive rent. It is not a secret that life in New York City is not cheap. The major expense is rent. It is not easy to find a cheap apartment in NYC. So, it is easier to split the monthly costs for rent and utility bills. But, is shared accommodation right for you? What should know before finding your new roommate? 

Types of shared accommodations

Types of shared accommodations are:

  • Two sharers – 2 people live in 2 bedroom apartment.
  • House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) – three renters living in a place that forms one full household.
  • Co-living – you have a private bedroom and bathroom and the rest of the building focuses on social sharing.
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Find a new home where you want to live and split the rent costs with a roommate

Is shared accommodation right for you?

To make the right decision for you about shared accommodation, you should explore all the pros and cons of this type of living. Typically younger people choose to live with someone, mostly because living in Brooklyn is expensive. But, it has its good, and of course, bad sides. So, let’s find out what they are.


  • Making friends will be easier. When you are alone in a big city such as NYC, it is easier to live with someone. You will feel less lonely.
  • Shared living costs are a more affordable option. The median rent in Brooklyn is around $2,200 which is a lot for one person.
  • It is better to learn how to be independent and not to live with your parents. You will have more freedom.
A shared accommodation right for you
You will share a living room, kitchen, and maybe a bathroom, so you need to learn how to live with that


  • Sometimes roommates are rude and their behavior is bad. Even if you will live with your friend, sharing an apartment and living together is a totally different story.
  • Fight over facilities, especially the bathroom. When your housemate has been in the bathroom for over an hour it can be nerve-racking.
  • A complication with leasing.  If your roommate unexpectedly leaves you may need to cover the rent cost.

A few last tips

Take into consideration all the facts before you decide is shared accommodation right for you or not. If you decide that it is, then start looking for a roommate. If a roommate will come to your apartment, then it is an easier option for you because you don’t have to move. If you need to move, then organize relocation on time and look for a reliable mover to transport all your items to a new apartment.

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