5 things people who leave Brooklyn miss most

The time has come to leave Brooklyn and to move to another state. Moving can be very emotional and stressful, especially if you are leaving the city where you grow up or you spend a lot of time there. If Brooklyn was your home, how to adjust to a new life in a city other than Brooklyn? What are the things people who leave Brooklyn miss most?

No matter what the reason is for moving, it won’t be easy. Not only because of packing and moving, but leaving the environment you know, friends, job…starting a new life has its pros and cons too. After moving, what you will miss the most (except friends and family)? Be mentally prepared for moving and for moving out of Brooklyn!

Statue of Liberty.
NYC is beautiful and interesting, leaving it may be hard

Things people who leave Brooklyn miss the most

If you were wondering what are the things people who leave Brooklyn miss the most, we created the list of most common things. This will also depend on the place where you will live. It will be harder if you move far away, for example to California. Where are New Yorkers moving when they leave Brooklyn? Florida, Texas, and California are common places where they move. All of those places are completely different. So, adjusting will be a little bit harder.

Street sign.
If it is time to say goodbye to Brooklyn, prepare!

#1 Public transportation

NYC has one of the best subway systems in the world, so you will definitely miss reliable public transportation after moving from NYC. Not so many people drive here, because of parking problems and traffic jams. But, in exchange, you can always rely on public transportation. And it is cheap too.

Keep in mind that you need to figure out how to transport your items to another state. Statetostatemove.com is a good place to start your research.

#2 Winter in NYC

Winters in NYC are amazing and non-forgettable. Not only because there are many tourists here, but the charm and snow always melt us. Especially you will miss winter if you are moving to the southern part of the USA where it is mostly hot and sunny. Central Park is not in Brooklyn but it is near. Walking in the snow-covered Central Park or any other park in Brooklyn, for example, Prospect Park, is priceless.

#3 Entertainment options

Many people are coming to NYC to have fun. Probably you will miss all those entertainment options. Museums, theaters, clubs, coffee shops, bars, festivals…This city never sleeps, there is always something happening, even at 2 AM.

#4 Food

Food in Brooklyn is delicious because a lot of different people live here. Italian food, Mediterranean food, Lebanese food, Polish food, Chinese, just name it! Restaurants are everywhere. And when you are tired of going out, there are viable food delivery options.

#5 Diversity

People from all around the world come to NYC, to visit it or to live here. This makes it one of the most diverse cities. That is why food is different and amazing. You will miss people and the crowd after moving from Brooklyn even if you hate it now.

Hire a long-distance moving company

What is the easiest way to move out of Brooklyn to another city? Is there a way of quick transport of your items from Brooklyn, NY to another state in the USA? Yes, you can move safe and fast with an experienced and reliable moving company. They already have a piece of knowledge, all the right equipment, moving supplies, and experience with moving, so they will do it much faster than you will. 

Start by searching online, read online moving reviews from past clients, explore the best long-distance movers, ask other people for recommendations, etc. Interstate relocations require a lot of work. You need to transfer documents, change your home address, find a new school for kids, search for a new home, register for taxes, and many more. Adding transporting your possessions on your moving checklist will give you more headaches.

Moving from state to state is not an easy task. Not only because transporting all your items, but emotionally, is not easy. By hiring a long-distance moving company, you will be able to move successfully and stress-free.

Brooklyn Bridge as one of the things people who leave Brooklyn miss.
Brooklyn architecture, people, culture, you will miss it all

Pack your belongings

What to pack when moving out of Brooklyn? Well, that depends on the place where you are moving to and how big your apartment is. For example, if you are moving to Florida, California, Texas, or other places with high temperatures and a lot of sunny days, you probably don’t need to pack all your winter clothing. You will lose time, energy, and money. Don’t waste your nerves and time on packing when you can engage experts for this job. Hiring professional packers will save your sanity when moving because packing is a task that takes most of your time. 

How big your new apartment will be. In most cases, apartments in Brooklyn are smaller and when leaving NYC usually people pack all their furniture and other items. But, it all depends. You can sell your items, donate them, or move them with you. No matter what option you will choose, you cannot get away from packing. One of the things people who leave Brooklyn miss least are small and expensive apartments.

Home is where the heart is

Yes, there will be things people who leave Brooklyn miss, but they also need to think about the things they will get after moving to a new place. Focusing on good and positive things is imperative. So, explore a new place before moving there, and you will know what to expect and how to adapt after moving. After a while, visit Brooklyn and your friends there, as this will help you a lot with nostalgia. Create new routines, try new things after moving, meet new people, and soon enough a place where you live now will become your home. Brooklyn will welcome you back always.

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