Californians share why they love NYC during the summer season

We can all agree on one thing – wherever you are, summer is the most awesome season of the year. However, it is a truth universally acknowledged that NYC during the summer season is the world’s most wonderful city you can spend your time in. There are many reasons to love summer in New York, and here’s what Californians love the most.

Fifth Avenue

You can’t consider yourself a true citizen of New York if you haven’t walked up and down Fifth Ave. Also known as Millionaire’s Row, it ranks among the most expensive shopping districts on Earth. While strolling, you might get some nice bedroom remodeling ideas. Since it is located near Central Park, let’s head over there and see what the residents love the most about it.

Its majesty – SummerStage

Tired of shopping? Take a break! Attending New York’s largest free performing arts festival is mandatory. Every summer, the city gets overflowed with music – free concerts, dance parties, live theater, ballet and an outdoor opera series. Concerts take place all over the city, with the festival’s home base, its iconic mainstage centered in Rumsey Playfield, in Central Park. You can listen to everything, from classic New York hip-hop artists to big-name indie-rock bands. According to SOS Moving, specialized in relocating numerous Cali clients to NYC, the City that Never Sleeps attracts new residents daily. You may ask yourself why this is the case. 

A young girl sitting on the construction of Brooklyn Bridge and enjoying NYC during the summer season.
No summer season in New York would be complete by taking a trip to Rockaway Beach.

Rocka-Rocka-Rockaway Beach

Located on the Rockaway Peninsula, on the coast of Queens. There is something for everyone! From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend, it comes alive filled with the best tacos, cool outdoor bars, lovely little shops selling vintage and trendy surfer apparel, and a killer entertainment scene. Make sure to go check it out yourself, we guarantee it’ll be one of the best things you could do. Moreover, here is a list of a few shops, bars, and eateries and you should visit in NYC during the summer season, coming straight from one of the residents (what more could you ask for?):

  • Zingara Vintage
  • Off-Season
  • Rockaway Artist Alliance
  • Caracas
  • Umas
  • Cuisine by Claudette
  • Rippers
  • Low Tide
  • Bungalow Bar

Shakespeare in the Park

Possibly among the best free things you can do. Produced by the Public theater every summer, this annual event was first created by the late Joseph Papp in 1962. It offers a series of large-scale productions of works by the greatest author of all times – William Shakespeare. Past casts have included celebrities like Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, and Denzel Washington. It would be best if you always went there during the first week of performances since there is plenty of seats available at that time.

Here’s a trick – you can increase your chances of attendance by going on days when it’s bad weather. We get it, it doesn’t make sense, and it’s rather paradoxical. Bear in mind that you should probably take an umbrella with you, because the Public theater absolutely hates canceling the plays, and the show must go on – even if it’s raining cats and dogs.

Naked Bike Ride – as bare as you dare!

This is not some practical joke invented by some pervert with a bike. It’s a real thing that takes place every year on the streets of New York. And it’s with a cause; the bikers protest the world’s dependence on oil, harmful pollution of motor vehicles, and other nonrenewable energy sources. Can you guess what the motto is? Hint: As bare as you dare! Now you learned two things – New Yorkers love bikes and are totally cool with nudity. Those of you who live in small apartments and homes might want to consider storing your bike effectively and easily.

Food. Food. And more food

One of the best things in NYC during the summer season is probably the outdoor drinking and eating season that sets off at the beginning of summer. Smogasburg is a food bazaar that launched May 21, 2011, as a spinoff of Brooklyn Flea (founded in 2008) and has attracted millions of visitors ever since.

Rooftop bar overlooking a beautiful sunset.
Get ready for rooftop restaurants and bars citywide throwing open their doors during this event, dubbed as “The Woodstock of Eating.”

Outdoor Movies make summer in New York magical

Sure, it’s hot, humid, and sticky, but you can’t deny that New York is absolutely glorious during the summer season. All those film fanatics that love free movie screenings—of beloved rom-coms, Academy Award-winning classics, action movies, and more – will agree. Astoria Park, Queens Botanical Garden, Seaport Cinema at the Greens, Rooftop Films Summer Series, and The Standard High Line are just a few we’re going to mention here. You should go and discover the rest by yourself.

Have you made up your mind yet?

Summer in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Monica, Sacramento, and all other seaside cities in California is charming but not as cool as the one in New York. That’s why many Californians have decided to move to the Big Apple and managed to transfer everything with no hassle and in no time.

If not, here’s The Mermaid Parade (Oh, my Glitter!)

Yes, you read it right! Glitter, fins, a splash of colors… and more glitter! It sounds absolutely amazing, right? This is when creatures of the sea, young, old, clothed, or not-so-clothed take over the streets, celebrating the start of the Summer season, art, and culture.

Ferris wheel in NYC.

The largest art parade in the State is held each year in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, and it is created by the non-profit arts organization Coney Island USA. The Parade is followed by the Mermaid Parade Ball, where visitors can listen to live music and watch burlesque and sideshow acts. You can also bring your kids. Just bear in mind that Mermaids and Mermen, let’s face it, aren’t known for wearing much clothing.

But kids love this event and NYC during the summer season and there is always a ton of kids at the parade, sometimes even celebrating their birthdays. Isn’t that adorable? So, if you have a family, moving with kids to a new home in New York might be one of the best decisions you’ve made in your life.

Ready to go and explore NYC during the summer season!

So, if you’re thinking about making your big move and actually move somewhere, then wait no more. Its Summer majesty, New York City, is waiting to welcome more new residents.

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