Want to leave NYC? Here are some fabulous Pennsylvania places you should consider

NYC is an exciting place to live in with a lot to offer its residents. However, more and more people want to leave NYC and move to the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. While is a state rich in American history and chocolate, this isn’t what is drawing New Yorkers. All Americans want to enjoy a good quality of life and since NYC is one of the most expensive places to live in the country, residents are quickly realizing how much further their dollar will go in Pennsylvania. Also, NYC’s high real estate costs made the American dream of owning a home impossible for many of its residents. And Pennsylvania is about 90 miles away but offers a whole new world of opportunities. So, no wonder why so many people want to leave NYC and move to Pennsylvania.

If you’ve decided to leave NYC, here are some fabulous Pennsylvania places you should consider. Get to know them before you learn how much in advance should you plan a move. Now, let’s start with the list of places.

Grab the gear, and get ready for exploring PA to find the most fabulous place for living!

Want to leave NYC? – Consider moving to Philadelphia

Philadelphia is recently named the sixth-largest city in the US. This city is top-tier when it comes to historical, cultural, and recreational attractions on the East Coast. Living in Philadelphia offers direct access to all of the conveniences of metropolitan life and all of the charm of a small town. The city is most popular because of its arts, culture, and music. However, Philadelphia is also home to affordable housing. Over the last ten years, the city has managed to remain an attractive value proposition for both renters and home buyers. So, you can see why moving here is a great choice. In Philadelphia, your dollar goes a lot further comparing to other big East Coast cities. If you decide to move here, some of the most popular neighborhoods are Old City, Society Hill, Queen Village, and Chestnut Hill.


Those who plan to leave NYC should consider moving to the fabulous Springfield. This city is located in Delaware County and it’s about 10 miles west of Philadelphia. Even though there are 36 Springfield Townships in the USA, and two in Pennsylvania, this one is something special. It’s famous for its great quality of life, family-friendly amenities, short commute to downtown, and its affluence. So, you’ll love living here. However, when moving here it’s best to work with teams nearby. Professional movers know this County well and they can provide you with all the support you need in the moving process. Springfield, PA is a safe place to live with a crime rate that’s below Pennsylvania and national average.

Also, the city has excellent schools, a great job market, and an affordable cost of living. All this makes Springfield, PA perfect place for both families and professionals. So, consider moving here.

Once you select the location in PA, it is time for househunting!

West Chester is also one of the best locations in Pa to consider when leaving NYC

This small town of West Chester, PA located nearly 36 miles west of Philadelphia is a great place to live. Life in West Chester offers you the opportunity to enjoy living in a college town while growing steadily over the years. Famous as the government seat of Chester County, the cities unique architecture has the nickname Athens of Pennsylvania.

If you’re considering moving here, you’ll find out that there are many interesting facts about this little town. West Chester is the true definition of a college town. About 20,000 residents live here and more than 17,000 of them attend the local university. So, the median age in the area is less than 24 years old. Therefore, if you’re moving with kids, this town may be the perfect option for you. But, when relocating here, make sure you team up with the local movers. If you join forces with the best ones you’ll encounter a less stressful and anxious move since they offer the best relocation experience. Just choose one of the safe West Chester neighborhoods and let professionals take care of everything for you.


One more location in PA that is worthy of your attention is Pittsburgh. This amazing city is perfect for everyone who is planning to come to raise kids. Also, if you are you are a young professional or if you are planning to settle down, this spot will have something at your disposal. So, whenever you decide to come here you will be surrounded by a family-friendly environment, great people, and numerous activities.

If you find these features that Pittsburgh has interesting for your kids, make sure to learn how to prepare your family for your upcoming relocation. Also, get ready for exploring this city and discovering everything that it has to offer. Just, select the perfect living area that suits your requirements, and everything else in this spot will be more than fine.

Pittsburgh in PA is a great location to consider when you want to leave NYC.
Pittsburgh is for sure one of the most fabulous places to consider living in when you want to leave NYC.

After you leave NYC

When you are about to close the door to your old home, the relocating process begins. So, while preparing an essentials box for moving, make sure to pack some items that will be handy for use during the first few days in the new residence. 

Well, when these things are overs, you will have everything you need for the big day. Thanks to that, you can start enjoying your new home in PA exactly as you might plan. Just use as much time as you can after the move to explore your new neighborhood and the city itself. Those tours will help you beat the nostalgia you might feel, and you have an opportunity to experience a completely different lifestyle PA brings. So, relax, and enjoy your time here, go out, have fun, and find a way to entertain yourself.

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