All the ways your kids can help you turn your new house into a home

There are many ways your kids can help you turn your new house into a home. Even toddlers can do a lot to help you all feel at home. But you should do something for them too, so they can feel nice and cozy in this new house you just moved into. But before you start with the whole process make sure to finish with unpacking. There is no way to start with decorating if you are not done with packing. Also, those moving boxes are just ugly and in the way. So get rid of them. But make sure to recycle.

A new place for memories

Find a place, a piece of wall, or a doorframe where you will be measuring the kids. After you are done measuring, give them to write down the year and their names. Do that once a year and soon enough this will be the most valuable part of your new home. This is very common practice and it’s so adorable. Even kids look fondly on that part of the wall or doorframe when they grow up. So do this every year with your kids and include them in the whole process. Just make sure that kids are included.

Ways your kids can help you turn a new house into a home even if they are still babies

Ok, babies can’t do much. But, they can be included in the whole process of making a house a home. You can do this as early as you buy a new house.  Imprinted hands or feet can be a cute decoration for some room and that way you will have forever those cute little hands or feet to look at. Some people make ornaments for the Christmas tree with small hand imprints.

A baby's feet.
You will forever have the prints and remember how small they once were.

Black wall for their art

Chalkboard paint can be very decorative and fun. You can even paint a door with that paint and then the kids can leave you their art. Dedicate one part of the wall or one door in the house for them to do this. This will be so fun for them, decorative (they look very stylish) and you will be delighted to see your little artists drawing with chalk every day and getting better at it.

 A black wall since decorating it is one of the ways your kids can help you turn your new house into a home.
Some people do a whole wall as an accent wall. Some do just a part. But doors can be the best for this project.

Painting the walls

Many people decide to paint the walls as soon as they move into the new house. If you are doing this make sure to include the kids in this process. Older ones can be very helpful and small ones just like to play. But instead of relocating them to grandparents let them stay and include them. This way you will make some great memories and they will be very proud of their accomplishments. This can also be a great bonding experience.

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