Pro tips for New Yorkers who are moving to Miami

So, you’ve decided it’s time to replace the cold and wet NYC winters with something a little bit warmer? One thing’s for sure – you’re not alone in that decision. More and more New Yorkers are relocating to the so-called Sunshine State. Of course – we’re talking about the US state of Florida. In this article, we’ll focus on the numero uno city in Florida – Miami. Why we said numero uno instead of number one is yet unknown. Anyway, moving to Florida is certainly a game-changer in your life so far. You’ve gotten used to New York, its continental climate, diversity of its residents, and the general vibe of the place. There are some things to know about Florida before you move and some tips that might help you along the way. In the text below find everything you need to know about moving to Florida and some helpful tips for New Yorkers who are moving to Miami.

First of all – what to expect?

You probably know some of these facts, but let’s name them anyway. So, what is there to expect in the South? For example – you can count on warmer winters. Well, that one was pretty obvious. Also, expect some great places to go out and eat, hip urban nightlife, great historical neighborhoods (such as the Art-Deco one in Miami Beach), and above all – breathtaking beaches in your nearest surroundings. Alright, there was probably no need to list some things that might’ve inspired you to move to Miami in the first place. Anyway, if for some reason none of these things made you decide to move to Florida – it’s good to know you’re going to the right place. Let’s see what’s next. After the token intermezzo picture, of course.

A beautiful Florida beach. This picture is surely something New Yorkers who are moving to Miami can expect after they settle.
You’ll have a blast exploring Florida beaches once you settle in Miami. As if you already didn’t know that.

Hiring local moving service providers

Did you know that Florida is the number one state in the South when it comes to moving service providers? Now that you know that fact – you have nothing to worry about when settling in the Miami Dade area. The entire county offers great service so you’ll be just fine. If you need any help moving in – hiring professionals in Miami Dade County is the way to go. Now, this was something that you probably didn’t know before reading this text. Write it down somewhere or bookmark this page in case you forget it. We’re pretty sure you won’t but taking some precautions won’t hurt a bit. It’s very useful info for New Yorkers who are moving to Miami.

A couple of more things you didn’t know about FL

Besides having a great moving providers scene – there’s also a scene Florida is known for. There are several things to consider when talking about some of Florida’s own trademarks. What’s that? You’ve guessed it – it’s the Florida party scene. You should expect some pretty wild and exciting nightlife happenings in Miami. Of course, if you’re not up for it – there are also places in Florida that are more known for their small-town family peace and quietness. Also – if you’re a baseball lover – there’s not a better place for you than Florida. Did we mention golf? Golf enthusiasts will also find a place of their dreams in the Sunshine State. Another helpful info – Florida taxes are low compared to the other parts of the country. There’s no income tax and the average cost of living is pretty affordable. All of these things make Florida a pretty attractive location for newcomers.

A club scene with a person holding its arms in he shape of a heart.
If you’re a party animal – Florida is definitely the state for you. On the other hand – if you’re not – Florida also has some peace-loving family communities to offer. Everybody wins.

Let’s get practical – preparation for the move

So you’ve got it figured out – Florida is a dream come true for many US citizens. Before you move you’ll need to have everything set and ready for the trip. The best way to do it, if you’re doing it all by yourself, is to get everything down on paper before you start doing anything. Why? Well, you’ll have a clear view of how much stuff you got to move and you can somewhat arrange the time you need to get everything packed and ready for the moving truck. Of course, as the process of preparing for a move is almost always stressful, you can do something to make it smoother. You can hire professionals, such as the guys at, to pack your stuff. It’s an alternative to getting a few gray ones once the process begins.

Yet another couple of cool facts

Before moving to Miami you should try learning a few words in Spanish. Why’s that? Most Miami folks speak Spanish. Learning some words and slang might hide the fact you’re fairly new to the town. Also, expect large numbers of tourists because Miami is a trendy destination. This fact might not be the best way to inspire someone’s relocation to Miami, but it’s only fair to mention it. If you like to work out in the gym – you’ll have a lot of gym friends in Miami because basically everybody goes to the gym in the most popular town of the Sunshine State. The city is quite notorious for its healthy-looking residents. What’s to say – read between the lines.

A regular gym. A tip for New Yorkers who are moving to Miami: everyone goes to the gym in Miami.
A fun fact about Miami residents: they’re totally obsessed with going to the gym and working out. If you’re also a supporter of a healthy lifestyle Miami is the city for you.

A quick goodbye

That’s about it. Hopefully, this has been informative for New Yorkers who are moving to Miami this very year. You know what to expect, you’ve learned some basic facts about the Miami lifestyle, and you have an all-together view of what’s waiting for you once you settle in the Sunshine State. If there’s any trouble – you can always count on professional movers in the Miami area. They’ll make sure you settle without losing a couple of grey ones. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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