Expanding a Chicago-based company to NYC and 5 things you should consider

Expanding a Chicago-based company to NYC is definitely a good decision and a great step forward as far as your business is concerned. Both the heart of Illinois and the Big Apple are great places to run a business in. Your company will go all the way up from day one, so leave all of your fears aside.

Starting from scratch in a new city might be challenging. This is why having your own place might help feeling more home-like. So you should definitely go through some tips for buying a New York country house. Don`t rush, but also don`t stall this process long enough to kill the excitement that comes with it.

Expanding a Chicago-based company to NYC
New York is a tourist trap you won`t mind being in.

And just in case the decision is already taken, here are 5 of the things you should consider when expanding a Chicago-based company to NYC:

Plenty of opportunities

NYC is a business-friendly city. Just as we have stated earlier, your firm is going to make some huge steps forward. Being one of the most fast-paced business environments out there, New York City is a real gem when it comes to expanding businesses. Great cultural diversity is a factor that positively influences the development of businesses.

This is for sure an important process that you should be assisted on the whole way. So if you decide to change the address in the near future, make sure you talk to the right people. And remember it`s not the right time to be stingy. This process is much more about professionalism than it is about affordability. Keep that in mind and you will definitely have a successful moving day.

Consider a partnership

Expanding a Chicago-based company to NYC is expected to be twice as successful if you are considering a partnership. Think about it: double the manpower, half the work, and double fun. In case you`re thinking about sharing accommodation and also be flatmates, not just business partners, you could definitely rent a place together. This will not only make the two of you getting acquainted with each other but it is also proved to increase your productivity. This is because living under the same roof means significantly more encounters per day and automatically also many more opportunities to share ideas with one another. In order to increase your productivity furthermore, you should read more about how to rent your first storage unit. Taking the unnecessary things out of your line of sight means fewer distractions and more room for your plans to become a real deal as soon as humanly possible.

Dense population and cultural diversity

In continuation of our previously stated idea, New York is a business-friendly city. This is because The Big Apple doesn`t lack one of the essential business-related factors that guarantee success: the multicultural factor. The cultural diversity here is a real guarantee that your business is going to prosper. Anything you`re selling, people are buying it here. Everyone needs everything, and you should definitely make a positive thing out of it, instead of thinking about how many things we need in order to be happy in life. Speculate market with every occasion you get and always plan 5 steps ahead. Even the worse entrepreneurs made it in NYC, so why wouldn`t you?

Yellow cabs on the street
Your business will for sure prosper in NYC.

Rentals in NYC are not the pocket-friendly type

Not everything about New York City is milk and honey. As in every single other aspect of life, there are also some downsides for which is better to be prepared in advance. When expanding a Chicago-based company to NYC, forget about the affordable prices in Illinois. The real estate market is going to eat you alive in New York City. And this is also applicable to renting, not only buying. The reason why we are pointing it out is that you also need to take into consideration the cost of renting an office. In the first months of your expansion, you are going to feel every single cent leaving your pocket.

Rentals in New York City areas are so very expensive. Try and spare some of the costs by hiring true professionals from Golans Moving and Storage, which are voted also as affordable by our readers. Professionalism is already included in the package so just watch your belongings getting “spoiled” and in good hands.

Competition here is brutal

The dense population doesn`t necessarily have only pros. More people do mean limitless opportunities. But it can also mean that competition is brutal. This is why originality is going to be a game-changer. Coming up with an idea that hasn`t been exploited yet would give you a headstart comparing to others. And by the time your soon-to-be competition gets to copy what you did, you`re going to be a bunch of steps in front of them.

They are saying that having enemies is the result of you standing up for something at a certain point in your life. Same kind of approach you should also get in the competition. Competition helps you become better, because of the fact that you will try and come up with better solutions than your opponents. And nothing makes you as motivated as thinking that you are going to win that specific clash of titans.

washington bridge of NYC
The George Washington Bridge is often referred to as the most beautiful bridge in the world.

In conclusion, expanding a Chicago-based company to NYC can go relatively smoothly, as long as you understand that proper planning is of the essence. With just a little amount of research, you will soon be happy to see that your business is going to flourish unexpectedly. Moving to a smaller home across the country is not easy. Stepping into the unknown is not easy. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy. Beginnings are usually a hard step to make. But all of these are soon going to pay off. So never stop working for your dream. It`s either this or working for somebody else`s. The choice is entirely yours.

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