Californians share why they love NYC during the summer season

We can all agree on one thing – wherever you are, summer is the most awesome season of the year. However, it is a truth universally acknowledged that NYC during the summer season is the world’s most wonderful city you can spend your time in. There are many reasons to love summer in New York, and here’s what Californians love the most. Continue reading “Californians share why they love NYC during the summer season”

Top 5 reasons why New Yorkers are moving out of state

Living in New York can be amazing. No one can deny it. This state can offer you so many opportunities. But the fact is that New Yorkers are moving out of state more and more each year. Even though it’s a fact that this is a land of opportunities there are some things that make life quite difficult here. Prices are maybe the first on the list. There are a few more, so read on to see all the things that are making life hard in this great state.


This is a worldwide phenomenon. This state and especially NYC is extremely expensive. One of the most expansive cities in the world. The prices are the main topic amongst residents. To buy a place of your own in this city or a state you need to be successful. The prices are really just a result of the city being overcrowded. Supply and demand that is. But people know about this and still choose to live here, yet some decide to relocate to some of the less expansive states in order to save some money and live more comfortably. Florida and Texas are some of those states where people from NY often relocate to.

New York
There is no denying that this is a great state, but prices here can be extremely high. Not many people can afford that.


They call it “the city that never sleeps” for a reason. With so many residents it’s impossible to be quiet at any time. There is always someone working here. Overcrudness is the main reason why it’s so expensive, also why it’s impossible to find a great apartment. Wherever you go there are simply too many people. Clubs and restaurants are always full. Traffic can be very problematic, all day long. That’s why most people don’t even drive. Subway is way faster anyways. Many people don’t mind the hassle, some even love it but for some, it’s too much. Especially for the ones looking to raise a family. Many people would prefer some nice suburban area.

New York
You will never feel alone in this place. Everywhere you go there is a crowd.

Peace and quiet

This city is loud. There is no escaping it. If you want a quiet place to sleep, you will need to soundproof your bedroom. There are always some horns honking, some people are arguing. Neighbors can be loud too, but that can happen in almost any place. There are some good sides too. There are always stores open at night, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc. Whatever you need you can get it any time of the day. This is just that kind of place.

Renting or finding the place

Rents are very high. The problem is if you don’t find a place with rent control it can get much higher in a year or less and there is nothing you can do. There are no clear laws to solve this problem so always try finding a building with rent control if you plan on moving here. Also, it’s smart to include a lawyer so you can have a real agreement on the price of the rent. Most residents hate the fact that landlords can simply do what they want – rent wise and many are sick of it. That’s why many people decide to relocate to some of the states that have very strict laws about renting and prices of rent. Movers have hands full with relocations from NY.

New York
It’s not so easy to find a nice place here and when you do find it, expect high prices.

Feeling nostalgic after moving out of state – making it easier

This is perfectly normal. There is no denying that New York is a great state but every great state has its flaws. That’s why people go and try to find something more suitable for themselves. That’s natural. Just like missing some of the good sides of your old city and neighborhood. Give yourself some time to adjust to your new place, for instance, if you are moving to some other state you can find local movers to help you make this relocation smooth and stress-free. Assistance is always within reach you just need to call. But make sure to seak good and reliable movers. Search for adequate assistance online. The sooner you unpack and settle in the sooner you will be able to get used to your new place and new neighborhood. Adaptation time depends and it’s very individual but few weeks are pretty normal to feel weird and unsure. The more you explore your new city the more you will feel at home.


You can do relocation on your own of course, but keep in mind that in that case all the heavy lifting, packing, logistics, and planning are on you. As you can see they can make this stressful period of your life much easier. But make sure to find reliable ones. There are sites where you can check out all the movers in the area and find the best fit for you like Always read reviews and leave your own experience after you are done so that others can see it too.

Good luck

Moving out of state is never easy and that’s why you will need a bit of luck to follow you on this journey. Just remember that is very important to give yourself an adequate amount of time. Plan ahead for this road trip of yours and it will go well. It’s perfectly ok that NY is not for everyone and you shouldn’t feel bad for leaving. You need to find a place that is just perfect for you in order to be happy and in order to thrive. So make sure to choose a great place for your new home and hopefully it will be cheaper than what you are used to. Chances are wherever you go ( except maybe California ) it will be.




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East Coast cities New Yorkers are moving to

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How can a New York realtor help you buy a property in Canada

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Pro tips for New Yorkers who are moving to Miami

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