Bike storage ideas for apartments and small homes

Living in a small home is quite common. Especially in big cities where housing is expensive and not so easy to find. This is the case in New York City. And one of the things that are the hardest to store in a small home is a bike. they are big and heavy and they do take up a lot of space at home. This is why a lot of people don’t keep their bikes in their homes. But not everyone wants to keep their bike somewhere besides at home. People who use them every day need to have them on hand. So we decided to try and help out by giving you bike storage ideas for apartments and small homes.

Make use of your walls

As you don’t really have a lot of space in your home, it is important that you actually use as much space as you can to find a way to store everything that you own. One of the best ways to make extra storage space in a small home is to use your walls as much as you are able to do so. Use shelves if you don’t have enough space for cabinets. Racks and hooks are always a good idea. These are essential tips for living in Brooklyn – use as much of the space as you can in your home.

Bike on a wall.
Hang your bike up on a wall in order to get more storage space.

And when storing a bike in your home, you can buy certain helpful gadgets so that you can hang your bike up on a wall. This will save you a lot of space. But you have to make sure that you put up this rack correctly so that it doesn’t fall.

A couple of options to consider

As placing your bike on a wall is the best way to make sure that you create more space in your home, you have to find the best option for how to hang up your bike. You can use a vertical or a horizontal. A. zero gravity bike rack is a good one to get. It can hold heavy bikes easily. An Airlock bike rack is also good. It looks more modern and simple. This makes blending it into your interior much easier.

You can keep your bike at home with these bike storage ideas.

There are wooden bike docks as well. They do a great job of showcasing your bike as an art piece. And if you are really a biking-lover and enthusiast, this is the perfect thing for you. 718 Bedford bike rackĀ is another one of these that makes your bike look like an art piece in your home. It is triangular and when the bike is not on the rack, it looks like a bookshelf. An interesting thing to see and have in your home. And if none of the options are up to your alley, you can always rent out a storage unit nearby where you can keep your excess belongings.

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