Tips for cost-effective relocation from Colorado to New York

Any move can be stressful, from switching apartments, to relocating to a new town, let alone a cross-state move. The sheer amount of arduous tasks that need to be executed can weigh heavy on a person’s head and even their wallet. From getting the packing supplies over packing all of your stuff in an organized manner and choosing the right movers. But worry not, we are here to give you tips on how to conduct cost-effective relocation from Colorado to New York.

Why relocate to ​New York

So you decided to relocate from the state of  the Denver Nuggets for New York. The great news is that you will not have to readjust to a new climate and buy new clothes. New York and Colorado have the same climate, they both experience four seasons. If you skied back in Colorado you won’t be missing it in New York. New York has many ski resorts like Gore Mountain, Hunter Mountain, etc.

While your living expenses will increase in New York, it will be compensated with a lot more opportunities and culture. New York is the biggest city in the United States. Because of its scale, you can come face to face with a lot more interesting and new cultures in the five boroughs than in the whole state of Colorado. We have shown you some upsides of moving to New York. For completing your interstate move with ease and frugally, Homegrown Moving Company is there to provide you with appropriate assistance.

a view of new york
Your new home

Moving from Colorado to New York

The whole moving process is stressful. From neatly planning your move to packing and finally unpacking.  With a cross-state move like this one, from Colorado to New York, the transporting of your stuff can be tiring and can cost a pretty big buck. The distance between Colorado and New York is over 1800 miles that is a 27-hour drive. Now we know the distance and the time it will take to traverse it. Let us look at the logistics of doing it alone and managing to conduct cost-effective relocation from Colorado to New York.

We will need to get a truck and also have a license to drive it. If we were to transport our belongings alone, we could not do it and be safe. Driving one way for 27 hours is taxing on a person, and it can maybe get us in an accident. To avoid getting in an accident, we will have to sleep. Sleeping means booking a hotel that is on our way. Booking a hotel requires even more planning and it adds even more costs. We also have to worry about the parking which just adds more planning, cost, and stress to our already anxiety-filled endeavor. To avoid all the aforementioned hassles of transporting your things on your own let professionals handle transportation.

blue truck for cost-effective relocation from Colorado to New York.
Long trip awaits

Tips for a money efficient move from Colorado to New York

To make the ordeal of relocation less stressful we recommend making a plan. A plan will help you stay clear-headed. Here is a little list of tips that will help with your relocation and give you some advice on how to execute the various parts of a move: 

  • Hiring a moving company to conduct your cost-effective relocation from Colorado to New York

  • Getting rid of unnecessary things

  • Getting the right supplies

  • Packing

  • Unpacking.

Hiring a moving company to help with your cost-effective relocation from Colorado to New York

When hiring a moving company it is important to do research. Check as many local movers as you can. Get their quotes so you can compare them, and save money by doing it. When you have decided on your moving company book them on a weekday because moving companies charge more during weekends. Ask them if they have a discount on weekday moves. 

Getting rid of unnecessary things

Start by going through each room of your house and put the thing that you don’t use that often anymore in a bag. After you have gathered all of your unwanted belongings decide what to do with them, you can throw them away, recycle them, donate them or have a yard sale and make a little bit of money from them. The process of decluttering will also save you money on packing supplies. 

Getting the right supplies

Do some research on where you can buy the cheapest packing supplies. You need to buy tape and don’t go stingy on the tape, because it’s the thing that keeps the boxes from opening and your things spilling out of them. Look for places where they give free boxes, go to your local grocery store to see if they have any. Try and get boxes of different sizes, small boxes for heavy things and bigger ones for lighter things. Get good cushioning for your things like foam wrap sheets for your fragile things, or bubble pack, you can also use your old clothes or blankets as protection. 


If you know when you are relocating from Colorado to New York plan accordingly and start packing early. Begin packing by room, begin with the rooms that you don’t use that often, and as your moving day approaches pack the rooms that you use more often. Put padding on the bottom of the boxes and then put the heaviest thing on the bottom so it can provide support. As you are packing your stuff label the boxes by room and the things that are inside them, this will make it easier to unpack later on. You can do all of the packing by yourself, but if you want to save yourself the hard work, trained teams can assist you.

packed boxes
Hardest part of a move


The last tip for a cost-effective move from Colorado to New York is unpacking. Keep in mind that you don’t have to unpack immediately. Do it over a few days, unpack the necessary things first. If you find that you have some extra stuff get a nice storage facility.

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