Explore Lefferts Gardens, NY

Welcome to Lefferts Gardens, a residential neighborhood in New York, Upper West Side of Brooklyn. This was originally the property of famous gentlemen farmer James Lefferts and in the 19th century, this area became the go-to place for the wealthy. Thanks to that fact, now you have amazingly beautiful homes with that 19th and 20th-century look. Now this place is a magnet for families that are in love with porches and backyard gardens.

In Lefferts Gardens you can taste delicious food

Lefferts Gardens is not a big place. Actually, there are only a couple of streets. Also, it’s located left of Duck Island, so it sounds like it’s a place from a cartoon. But, it has a couple of busy streets and a lot of good food.

Here you can find fancy Italian restaurants like Camillo. If you are more into middle eastern food, there is a great casual place called Kulushkat. The star of this neighborhood is a Caribbean place called Peppa’s Jerk Chicken. Locals call it “the best use of 7 dollars”. Of course, if you and your family enjoy Mexican food, they have the perfect family Mexican restaurant with big tables for big groups.

vegetable bowl
You can find a lot of international cuisines here.

Thinking about life in Lefferts Gardens

This is anĀ affordable Brooklyn neighborhood, so this is great news for you if you are thinking about moving here. Some call it Brooklyn’s last frontier and Brooklyn can be a very special place. You have long-term residents here, and this part of the city hasn’t lost its charm because it’s overcrowded. You even get the park view here. The best part about this place for the ones looking to rent and not buy a place is rent stabilization. This is great because you know that the rent won’t be jumping up by a lot each year, something that often happens in New York.

Moving to Lefferts Gardens

This place is becoming more and more popular every year. If you have decided on this place, good for you! You can start the moving process by hiring professional movers because when experts are at your disposal, the whole move goes smoothly.

Getting ready to move

First, you need to think about what do you want to bring with you and what can you live without. Then get some moving boxes and start packing. If there are items you don’t want in your new place, but you don’t feel comfortable throwing out or gifting, you should consider renting storage space. U. Santini Moving and Storage can help you with that.

moving boxes
Always choose good quality moving boxes.


Downsizing and decluttering is the way of life in NY. Mainly because you probably won’t have enough space. Also, it’s good for you to prioritize and get rid yourself of unnecessary things.

A new way of life

This place can be a whole new way of life for you. If you are used to crowds and noise, this peaceful place will be perfect for you and your family. Even pets since you will be so close to the park. Good luck!

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