Glassware packing guide

Proper packing will protect your precious belongings during the move and ensure their safety. That said, glassware packing is of critical importance. As glass items are very fragile you should pay special attention to the aspect of packing glasses. So let’s see just how to go about packing glassware items for the move.

Glassware packing – what is important?

Moving is a stressful process that demands a lot of time that goes into careful planning and preparation. There are many techniques on how to plan and organize your move. They are crucial tools for making the move successful and less stressful. Planing the move means making a detailed timeframe and list of steps to complete your move efficiently. One aspect of the move that requires a detailed plan is packing. It is a tedious and boring activity but it is crucial to do it right.

A pile of ceramic pots
Your glassware and china require time and patience to pack securely

To protect your glassware properly you need a good packing strategy. It is important to make it so you can relieve the stress of moving and the worry of damaging your fragile items like dishes and glasses. Packing the kitchen may just be the most demanding aspect of packing and moving so follow any advice you can. This is because it is a delicate job and demands extra effort to complete. However, once you realize how these fragile items can be expensive a little extra effort can go along way. So, it may take extra time and effort and also special packing materials but it will be worth it.

What do you need?

Packing glassware requires you to find or buy additional and specialty packing materials. You will need extra cardboard boxes and cushioning and protective materials for packing.  There are whole lists of materials you can use to protect your fragile glassware. You can improvise and be creative and also you can opt to find specialty materials for glassware packing.

Use packing paper or newspapers as an alternative to provide extra protection. You can also buy bubble wrap, foam rolls and sheets, and corrugated cardboard for extra layers of protection. You can also utilize and use any soft material like blankets, scarves, towels, and sweaters for a good layer of protection. Once you get these supplies ready you can start packing. This means the following:

  • Check your glassware
  • Wrap everything up
  • Pack, protect, fill
  • Label and seal

Check your fragile glassware

Make sure to inspect your glassware before packing. Be sure that your glasses are not damaged or cracked. Everything must be alright for packing. Any damaged glasses may make extra work when unpacking. Separate any items that are too damaged to move.

Glasware packing in sturdy cardboard boxes
Make sure you have the right materials like boxes and protective padding for extra safety

Wrap everything

Use protective materials for an extra layer of security. You can wrap every glass individually before placing it in the box. Use DIY paddings like newspaper or blankets or store-bought bubble wrap and foam. Know that wine glasses are more fragile due to their thin stem so take special care when packing these. To not save on protective padding here.

Pack, fill and protect

Use only strong and sturdy boxes for glassware packing. Buy additional boxes if needed to be sure of their quality. Use separators and cells for additional security. Use padding abundantly and reinforce the boxes with extra packing tape to make them tougher for transport.

Wine glasses and bottles
Your wine glasses are extremely fragile and require extra care when packing

Seal and label

Seal the boxes properly to add rigidity to the boxes so they can withstand handling and moving. Check to see if things inside rattle and add more protection. Make sure that the FRAGILE labels are applied and clear. Whether you are packing for moving or storage your movers should know to take special care of these boxes.

So, glassware packing is important as it will make you more relaxed about moving your fragile items. Make sure to provide quality packing materials and take your time and invest special care in the process of packing. It will pay off in the end.

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